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Key Concepts in Leadership

Key Concepts in Leadership

August 2012 | 164 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
What are the main characteristics of effective leadership? How can we understand leadership today?

This wide-ranging, interdisciplinary book provides readers with a complete introduction to the essentials of leadership. Included here are accessible and insightful entries on what leadership is, how it is practiced and the relevant strengths and pitfalls. The book provides a one stop introductory guide to one of the most central and contested concepts in the social sciences.

An invaluable reference tool, it contains consistent, concise and authoritative entries on:
  • The Eight Questions of Leadership
  • The Five Minds of the Manager
  • Leadership and Psychology
  • Developmental Approaches to Leadership
  • Functional Leadership
  • Leadership Practice
This book is an indispensable guide to the central concepts of leadership for professionals and students alike.
How to Use This Book
Introduction by the Authors
Leadership Definition, Theory and Practice
The Entries
Accommodating Leadership and Competitive Leadership
Analytical Leadership and an Intuitive, Instant Leadership Approach
Authoritative Leadership and Participative Leadership
Avoiding Leadership and Involved Leadership
Behind-the-Scenes Leadership and Leading from the Front
Broad-Based and Functional Leadership
Change-Oriented Leadership and Continuity-Based Leadership
'Chillaxed Leadership' and 'Leadaholics'
Coaching and Mentoring-Oriented Leadership and Directive, Telling-What-to-Do Leadership
Colleague-Leading and Leading Prima Donnas
'Company-Branded' and 'Individually Branded' Leadership
Compromising Leadership and Co-Operative Leadership
Developmental-Oriented Leadership and Job-Hopping Leadership
Diversity Leadership and Leading Homogeneity
Eastern-Style and Western-Style Leadership: Contrasting and Converging National Cultures
Employee Leading and Volunteer Leading
EQ-Oriented Leadership and IQ-Oriented Leadership
Expert and Generalist Leadership
Extrovert and Introvert Leadership
Finance-Oriented Leadership and Marketing-Oriented Leadership
Global Leadership and Worldly Leadership
Goal-Oriented and Opportunistic Leadership
'Here and Now' Leadership and Legacy Leadership
HR-Oriented Leadership and Production-Oriented Leadership
Implementer Leadership and Shaper-Driver Leadership
Individualistic Leadership and Relationship-Oriented Leadership
Inspirational and Low-Key Leadership
Interim Leadership and Tenured Leadership
Knee-Jerk Leadership and Reflective Leadership
Long-Term Leadership and Project Management Leadership
Macro and Micro-Leadership
Nurturing Leadership and Toxic Leadership
Pragmatic and Principles-Driven Leadership
Concept Index
Name Index

relevant material in introducing the main concepts and theories of leradership and management

Dr Azwa Shamsuddin
School of Health & Social Care , Edinburgh Napier University
February 16, 2023

A great book for students to grasp the key concepts in Leadership

Ms Marilia Angove
Glamorgan Business School, University of South Wales (Glamorgan)
June 4, 2019

A good general text for grasping concepts and theories

Mrs Ann-marie Steele
Faculty of Health & Wellbeing, Sheffield Hallam University
September 15, 2016

easy to read and well referenced.

Ms carol-anne westwell
Nursing & Midwifery, Bangor University
March 8, 2016

A recommended book that outlines the key concepts of leadership in a clear and concise manner. An excellent quick reference text for students on critical leadership issues

Mrs Samara Farook
Training, Meridian Centre
October 1, 2015

This text provides a good overview of leadership and assists students to develop their understanding of leadership in practice regardless of their role.

Mrs Isabella Quinn
Sch of Health,Community & Educ Studies, Northumbria University
February 18, 2015

This is a very useful book for looking at contemporary trends in leadership theory. I found the short focused chapters that were often pragmatic a refreshing change from the more traditional textbooks on leadership.

Sport, Physical Education & Leisure, University of St Mark & St John
December 10, 2014

Good background reading on key leadership roles. Chapter 9 is particularly useful in exploring 'Knee jerk leadership and reflective leadership' for the community leader practictitioner

Dr Isobel Hawthorne-Steele
Dept of Sociology & Appl'd Soc Studies, Ulster Univ.
May 29, 2014

A good reader for those undertaking a leadership qualification or in a relevent role. This book provides samples from practice to support the adoption of techniques and methods

Miss Nyree Kendall
Dept of Health & Social Studies, Bolton University
March 12, 2014

too much text, I missed the illustrations and graphics

Dr Zoltan Buzady
Business School, Central European University
February 20, 2014

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter One

Jonathan Gosling

Jonathan Gosling is Emeritus Professor of Leadership at the University of Exeter, UK, where he directed the Centre for Leadership Studies for 12 years. He is now an independent academic consulting through his company, a member of the Bristol Leadership and Change Centre, and Lead Faculty with the Forward Institute promoting responsible leadership in government, NGOs and business. He has designed and delivered many in-company executive development programs for corporations and International agencies. He is currently researching and assisting the leadership of malaria elimination... More About Author

Ian Sutherland

Stephanie Jones

Dr Stephanie Jones is Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Maastricht School of Management, having graduated with a PhD from University College London, and a Bachelor’s degree (in History) from the London School of Economics. Dr Jones has authored over 25 full-length internationally-published books on business and management – three of them with Professor Jonathan Gosling. She teaches MBA students across the world, especially courses on leadership, culture and change. Her teaching locations include Kuwait, Egypt, Yemen, China, Vietnam, Peru, Surinam, Kazakhstan and several African countries. With a background managing... More About Author

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