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Key Cases in Forensic and Criminological Psychology

Key Cases in Forensic and Criminological Psychology

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April 2021 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Written and designed for students of psychology, criminology and those interested in these fields, this book presents a range of classic and contemporary case studies in forensic psychology. By presenting current psychological theories alongside individual case studies, this book will guide your students to understand the theory as it applies to specific instances of each crime. Covering a wide range of cases, from economic crimes, to terrorism and sexual and violent crimes, this book provides a comprehensive and engaging resource to develop an understanding of forensic psychology.
Part 1: Theft, Fraud and Economic Crime
Chapter 1: Psychology of Theft, Burglary, Robbery and Fraud: An Overview
Chapter 2: The Hatton Garden Burglary
Chapter 3: The Securitas Raid
Chapter 4: Nick Leeson and Barings Bank
Chapter 5: Bernie Madoff
Part 2: Terrorism
Chapter 6: Terrorism: An Overview
Chapter 7: The Hindawi Affair
Chapter 8: Michael Stone, The Milltown Massacre and The Corporals' Murders
Chapter 9: The Manchester Arena Bombing
Chapter 10: The Unabomber
Part 3: Sexual Crimes
Chapter 11: Paraphilia and Sex Crimes: An Overview
Chapter 12: Prams and Handbags: A Case of Fetishism
Chapter 13: Kirk Anderson
Chapter 14: Kitty Genovese
Part 4: Firesetting and Homicide
Chapter 15: Firesetting and Homicide: An Overview
Chapter 16: Peter Dinsdale aka Bruce Lee
Chapter 17: The Motorcycle Murder
Chapter 18: Reserve Police Battalion 101
Chapter 19: Charles Whitman: Mass Killing
Chapter 20: Stephen Griffiths: The Bradford Murders
Chapter 21: Alan Hawe: Murder-Suicide

R. Stephen Walsh

R. Stephen Walsh is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at MMU where he is part of the forensic team and he contributes to a wide range of courses at both undergraduate and post graduate levels.  Stephen’s research has a particular focus on the role social identity plays in individual behaviour, and outcomes, and he  has published widely in this area. More About Author

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