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Judicial Process in America

Judicial Process in America

Eighth Edition

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February 2010 | 496 pages | CQ Press
The eighth edition of Judicial Process in America gives a thorough overview of the American judiciary at every level, paying particular attention to the link between the courts, public policy, and the political environment. In addition to comprehensive updates on such topics as the role of the courts in the war on terror, affirmative action, and business regulation, notable additions to this eighth edition include discussion of:

• the probable impact that President Obama will have on the composition of the federal judiciary and on subsequent judicial "output"

• the highly conservative impact that former President Bush had on the federal judiciary;

• Justice Sonia Sotomayor's appointment, as well as Chief Justice John Roberts's leadership on the Supreme Court;

• the role the courts are playing in the policy realm of same-gender marriages and discrimination based on sexual orientation;

• more comparative references and examples throughout the book.

Adopters and students alike will also appreciate the new websites that the authors added to the end-of-chapter suggested resources, as well as the unique annotated U.S. Constitution found in the appendix. This extensive revision of a classic text brings new life to a standard-bearer for judicial process classes.

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Robert A. Carp

Robert A. Carp is professor of political science at the University of Houston. He is coauthor ofPolicymaking and Politics in the Federal Courts; Politics and Judgment in Federal District Courts; the Federal Courts, fourth edition, with Ronald Stidham; and numerous articles on judicial process. More About Author

Ronald C. Stidham

Ronald Stidham is professor emeritus of Government and Justice Studies at Appalachian State University. He is coauthor of The Federal Courts, Fifth Edition, with Robert A. Carp and Kenneth L. Manning; The State Courts, with Robert A. Carp and Kenneth L. Manning; and numerous articles in legal, social science, and criminal justice journals. More About Author

Kenneth L. Manning

Kenneth L. Manning is professor of political science at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. He is coauthor with Robert A. Carp and Ronald Stidham of The Federal Courts (Fifth Edition) and The State Courts, and coeditor of Political Perspectives: Essays on Government and Politics. Manning's work on the politics of judicial decision-making and federal judicial selection have been published in a variety of journals. More About Author

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