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Journals Production

  1. Production Editor
  2. Publishing Editor
  3. SMART

What is the role of a Production Editor (PE)?

PEs are primarily project managers for the production process, guiding articles and issues through production. They serve as central liaison for authors, editors, and all production staff ; maintain and distribute knowledge about each journal’s needs; review and adjust correction requests to meet those needs; perform quality checks; and oversee journal scheduling and page budgets.

What is the role of a Publishing Editor (Pub Ed)?

Pub Eds are the main point of contact for journal management, from manuscript submission through publication of an issue and online access to all content. Pub Eds work with societies and editors to have a high-level overview of how the journal is doing editorially and financially. Pub Eds provide all reporting to, and negotiate contract renewals for editors and societies and maintain regular contact with all members of a journal team to ensure smooth delivery and oversight of content, production, marketing, sales, and customer service.

What is SMART?

Our web-based SMART (SAGE Manuscript and Resource Tracking) system helps us coordinate article and issue production, and SMART can also help you view article progress, plan issues, track page budgets, and more (see your Quick Ref or ask your PE for login info and the SMART appendix for more details). SAGE Track files and author information feed directly into SMART along with any notes you placed within the “production notes” section.