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Security Dialogue

Security Dialogue

2018 Impact Factor: 2.295
2018 Ranking: 16/91 in International Relations
Source: Journal Citation Reports (Web of Science Group, 2019)
Published in Association with Peace Research Institute Oslo
Published in Association with Celebrating 50 years

Mark B. Salter University of Ottawa, Canada
Managing Editor
Marit Moe-Pryce Peace Research Institute Oslo, Norway
Associate Editors
Marieke de Goede University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Emily Gilbert University of Toronto, Canada
Jairus Grove University of Hawaii, USA
Jana Hönke University of Groningen, Netherlands
Doerthe Rosenow Oxford Brookes University, UK
Anna Stavrianakis University of Sussex, UK
Maria Stern University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Language Editors
Digital Editor
Jennifer Mustapha Huron University College, Canada

eISSN: 14603640 | ISSN: 09670106 | Current volume: 50 | Current issue: 4 Frequency: Bi-monthly

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Security Dialogue
is a fully peer-reviewed and highly ranked international bi-monthly journal that seeks to combine contemporary theoretical analysis with challenges to public policy across a wide ranging field of security studies. This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Security Dialogue seeks to revisit and recast the concept of security through new approaches and methodologies. It encourages ground-breaking reflection on new and traditional security issues such as globalization, nationalism, ethnic conflict and civil war, information technology, biological and chemical warfare, resource conflicts, pandemics, global terrorism, non-state actors and environmental and human security.

Security Dialogue promotes analysis of the normative dimensions of security, theoretical and practical aspects of identity and identity-based conflict, gender aspects of security and critical security studies.

Security Dialogue aims to combine cutting-edge advances in theory with new empirical findings across a range of fields relevant to the study of security. Security Dialogue provides an outlet for new approaches and methodologies from disciplines such as international studies, gender studies, political sociology, political economy, geography, cultural studies, political theory, anthropology, development studies, postcolonial studies, and peace and conflict studies.

Security Dialogue encourages innovative analyses that challenge traditional readings of, inter alia, subjectivity, gender, identity, the individual, the social, the international, the economical, citizenship, health and biopolitics, risk, information technology, globalisation, migration and transnationalism, terrorism, crime, and media.

Security Dialogue represents a unique forum across the arts, humanities and social sciences for scholarship that seeks to revisit, critique, and revise the concept of security against the backdrop of contemporary and historical developments.

Editorial Board
Louise Amoore Durham University, UK
Peter Andreas Brown University, USA
Jens Bartelson Lund University, Sweden
Didier Bigo Sciences-Po, Paris, France
Pinar Bilgin Bilkent University, Turkey
Jocelyne Cesari Harvard University, USA
Simon Chesterman National University of Singapore, Singapore
Carol Cohn Tufts University, USA
William E. Connolly Johns Hopkins University, USA
Ronald Deibert University of Toronto, Canada
James Der Derian University of Sydney, Australia
Michael Dillon Lancaster University, UK
Jenny Edkins University of Aberystwyth, UK
Stefan Elbe University of Sussex, UK
Cynthia Enloe Clark University, USA
Charlotte Epstein University of Sydney, Australia
Hugh Gusterson George Washington University, USA
Lene Hansen University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Jef Huysmans Open University, UK
Vivienne Jabri King's College London, UK
Jennifer Klot Social Science Research Council, USA
Martti Koskenniemi University of Helsinki, Finland
Rex Li Liverpool John Moores University, UK
Kristoffer Lidén Peace Research Institute Oslo, Norway
Luis Lobo-Guerrero University of Groningen, Netherlands
David Lyon Queens University, Canada
Andrew Neal University of Edinburgh, UK
Taylor Owen Columbia University, USA
Patricia Owens University of Sussex, UK
Paul Rogers University of Bradford, UK
Kristin B. Sandvik Peace Research Institute Oslo, Norway
Michael Shapiro Cornell University, USA
Maria Stern University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Peter van Ham Clingendael, The Hague, Netherlands
Ole Wæver University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Rob Walker University of Victoria, Canada
Cynthia Weber University of Sussex, UK
Annick T.R. Wibben University of San Francisco, USA
Michael C. Williams University of Ottawa, Canada
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