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Journal of Learning Disabilities

Journal of Learning Disabilities

eISSN: 15384780 | ISSN: 00222194 | Current volume: 53 | Current issue: 4 Frequency: Bi-monthly

Provides specials series (in-depth coverage of topics in the field, such as mathematics, sciences and the learning disabilities field as discursive practice), feature articles (extensive literature reviews, theoretical papers, and position papers), research articles (reports of qualitative and quantitative empirical research), and intervention articles (overviews of successful interventions).

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The Journal of Learning Disabilities (JLD), a multidisciplinary, international publication, presents work and comments related to learning disabilities. Initial consideration of a manuscript depends upon (a) the relevance and usefulness of the content to the readership; (b) how the manuscript compares to other articles dealing with similar content on pertinent variables (e.g., sample size, research design, review of literature); (c) clarity of writing style; and (d) the author's adherence to APA guidelines. Articles cover such fields as education, psychology, neurology, medicine, law, and counseling.

Stephanie Al Otaiba Southern Methodist University, USA
Associate Editors
Michael Fagella-Luby Texas Christian University, USA
Nadine Gaab Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA
Amy Gillespie Rouse Southern Methodist University, USA
Sara Hart Florida State University, USA
Duo Liu The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Yaacov Petscher Florida State University, USA
Sarah Powell University of Texas at Austin, USA
Emily Solari University of California, Davis, USA
Elizabeth Talbott William & Mary, USA
Nicole Patton Terry Georgia State University, USA
Special Issue Editor (Associate)
Malka Margalit Tel Aviv University, Israel
Editorial Assistant
Kristi Baker Southern Methodist University, USA
Dayna Russell Freudenthal Southern Methodist University, USA
Consulting Editors
Jill Allor Southern Methodist University, USA
Jason Anthony University of South Florida, USA
Scott K. Baker University of Oregon; Southern Methodist University, USA
Marcia Barnes Vanderbilt University, USA
Alison Gould Boardman University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
Joseph Boyle Temple University, USA
Lee Branum-Martin Georgia State University, USA
Diane Bryant The University of Texas at Austin, USA
Joanne Carlisle University of Michigan, USA
Hugh Catts Florida State University, USA
James Chapman Massey University, New Zealand
David Chard Boston University, USA
Paul Cirino University of Houston, USA
Stephen P. Ciullo Texas State University, USA
Donald L. Compton Florida State University, USA
Merith Cosden University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Anne Cunningham University of California, Berkeley, UK
Laurie Cutting Vanderbilt University, USA
Susan De La Paz University of Maryland, USA
Carolyn A. Denton The University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, USA
Don Deshler University of Kansas, USA
Caroline Dunn Auburn University, USA
George DuPaul Lehigh University, USA
Linda K. Elksnin Professor Emerita, The Citadel
Amy Elleman Middle Tennessee State University, USA
Michael H. Epstein University of Nebraska, USA
Jack Fletcher University of Houston--TMC Annex, USA
David Francis University of Houston, USA
Douglas Fuchs Vanderbilt University, USA
Lynn Fuchs Vanderbilt University, USA
David Geary University of Missouri - Columbia, USA
Paul Gerber Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Esther Geva The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto, Canada
Steve Graham Arizona State University, USA
Anne Graves San Diego State University, USA
Noel Gregg University of Georgia, USA
Elena L. Grigorenko University of Houston, USA
Diane Haager California State University, Los Angeles, USA
Karen R. Harris Arizona State University, USA
Michael Hebert University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA
Stephen Hecht Nova Southeastern University, USA
Stephen Hooper University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Maureen Hoskyn Simon Fraser University, Canada
Charles Hughes Penn State University, USA
Juan Jimenez Universidad de La Laguna, Spain
Asha Jitendra University of California, Riverside, USA
Nancy Jordan University of Delaware, USA
Malatesha Joshi Texas A & M, USA
Devin Kearns University of Connecticut, USA
Benjamin Kelcey University of Cincinnati, USA
Michael Kennedy University of Virginia, USA
Ae-Hwa Kim Dankook University, South Korea
Che Kan Leong University of Saskatchehan, Canada
Sylvia Linan-Thompson University of Oregon, USA
Maureen Lovett University of Toronto, Canada
Daniela Lucangeli University of Padova, Italy
Charles MacArthur University of Delaware, USA
Malka Margalit Tel Aviv University, Israel
Margo Mastropieri George Mason University, USA
Patricia Mathes Southern Methodist University, USA
Peggy McCardle Peggy McCardle Consulting, LLC, USA
Kristen McMaster University of Minnesota, USA
Daryl F. Mellard University of Kansas, Lawrence, USA
Paul L. Morgan Pennsylvania State University, USA
Elizabeth Norton Northwestern University, USA
Rollanda O'Connor University of California, Riverside, USA
Nicole Ofiesh Stanford University, USA
Richard Olson University of Colorado - Boulder
Michael Orosco University of Kansas, USA
Rene Parmar St. John's University, New York, USA
Maria Passolunghi University of Trieste, Italy
Stephen Petrill The Ohio State University, USA
David Purpura Purdue University, USA
Wendy Raskind University of Washington Medical Center at Roosevelt, USA
Cecil Reynolds Texas A & M University, USA
Robert Savage University College London, UK
Kristin Sayeski University of Georgia, USA
David Scanlon Boston College, USA
Chris Schatschneider Florida State University, USA
Elizabeth R. Schotter University of South Florida, USA
Jeanne Schumm University of Miami, USA
Tom Scruggs George Mason University, USA
Margaret Semrud-Clikeman University of Texas at Austin
Sally Shaywitz Yale University School of Medicine, USA
Georgios Sideridis Harvard Medical School, USA
Linda Siegel University of British Columbia, Canada
Richard Sparks Mount St. Joseph University, USA
Deborah Speece Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Education, USA
William Therrien University of Virginia, USA
Jessica R. Toste University of Texas, Austin, USA
Gary Troia Michigan State University, USA
Victor H.P. van Daal Edge Hill University, UK
Delinda van Garderen University of Missouri, USA
Amanda VanDerHeyden Education Research and Consulting, Inc., USA
Sharon R. Vaughn University of Texas, Austin, USA
Susan Vogel Northern Illinois University, USA
Jeanne Wanzek Vanderbilt University, USA
Krystal Werfel University of South Carolina, USA
Carol Westby University of New Mexico, USA
Judith Wiener OISE/University of Toronto, Canada
John Woodward University of Puget Sound, USA
Jason Yeatman University of Washington, USA
Naomi Zigmond University of Pittsburgh, USA
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