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Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery Resident Best Paper Award



This JFMS annual award, launched in 2013, recognises quality and excellence for early career authors in veterinary science who submit papers to be published in JFMS – the leading feline resource for small animal veterinarians.

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Who is eligible for the award?

Authors who are a Resident in a recognised residency programme (eg, ABVS, EBVS, ANZCVS) at the time of submission of their paper to JFMS will be eligible for consideration for the award, subject to the paper being accepted for publication. Note that eligibility is contingent on Resident status of the author at the time of submission, rather than at the time of publication. Accepted papers will be considered for the award year in which they are published.

What papers are eligible for the award?

Original articles and short communications are eligible for the award; case series and case reports, however, are not.

When will the award be announced?

The winner of the award in any year will be notified by the end of January of the subsequent year.

What will the award consist of?

  1. Complimentary registration to either the AAFP Annual Conference or ISFM Annual Congress (to to be taken in the year that the award is announced or the subsequent year)
  2. Award certificates for the author and author’s supervisor
  3. Recognition in the print journal
  4. Further promotion across the journal online via a banner advert linking to the winning article full-text, which readers will be able to access for free for 12 months
  5. A unique link to the article allowing free access in perpetuity for use by the author to promote their work, such as by linking from a biography page

How to apply

Authors who submit their papers via the journal’s online submission system ( will automatically be considered for the award on confirming their Residency status, unless they elect to opt out.

How will the winning paper be chosen?

Eligible papers for the award (lead authors holding Resident status at time of submission) are evaluated for benefit to cats, direct usefulness to practitioners, quality of science, originality and standard of writing.

Why publish in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery?

JFMS offers authors:

  1. Publication in a highly respected journal
  2. A timely decision – on average less than 45 days from submission
  3. Online publication within 20 working days of acceptance

What is the scope of research that JFMS will consider publishing?

JFMS is an international peer-reviewed journal aimed at both practitioners and researchers with an interest in clinical veterinary healthcare of domestic cats. It aims to publish high-quality original papers on all aspects of feline medicine and surgery, including basic research relevant to clinical practice.

More about the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery -

JFMS is the official journal of both the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM; and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP; It is published monthly in two formats – 'Classic' editions (published in February, April, June, August, October and December) containing original papers, as described above, together with short communications and case series; and dedicated 'Clinical Practice' editions (published in January, March, May, July, September and November) primarily containing commissioned opinionated review articles providing state-of-the-art information for feline clinicians.