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Job and Work Design

Job and Work Design
Organizing Work to Promote Well-Being and Effectiveness

July 2012 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book equips readers with a sound understanding of research, theory and the practical aspects of job design. It critiques the theory and research which provide the foundations of our current understanding of job design, pointing to a need for methodological improvements and a broader conceptual focus.

The authors examine recent innovations in manufacturing technologies, techniques and philosophies and how these affect work design, research and practice. They also look at wider trends in manufacturing and elsewhere, such as teleworking, downsizing, the development of a contingent workforce and the changing composition of the workforce. The volume describes how the redesign of work has implications for wider organizational systems such as human resource and information systems, as well as implications for multiple stakeholders, for example: supervisors, support staff, management and unions. In addition, it suggests ways to effectively manage the process of work redesign, including the key stages involved in redesigning work, some useful tools and methods, and the critical role of a change agent. In conclusion, the book draws together arguments regarding the past and future of work design theory and practice.

Setting the Scene

Early Job Design Principles, Practice, and Research
The Heyday of Job Design Research, 1950-1980
A Critique of Existing Theory and Research
Extensions and Complementary Theoretical Approaches
Modern Manufacturing and the Work Design Agenda
Workplace Transformations and a Workforce in Transition
Redesigning Work (Part 1)
Wider Organizational Considerations

Redesigning Work (Part 2)
Managing the Change Process


Sharon K Parker

Toby D. Wall

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ISBN: 9780761904205

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