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Janani - Mothers, Daughters, Motherhood

Janani - Mothers, Daughters, Motherhood

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Women's Studies

© 2007 | 196 pages | SAGE India
Bringing together the writings of women from various walks of life - authors, artists, academics and ordinary people - this volume presents their experiences of being mothers and daughters. The complex emotions women go through, as a mother or a daughter, are portrayed in a variety of ways. The contributors provide humane, intimate and compelling real life narratives. The collection includes true stories on adoptive motherhood, step-mothering and single-motherhood within a South Asian context.
Jasodhara Bagchi
Motherhood Revisited
Bharati Ray
My Mother
Maitreyi Chatterji
My Mother, My Daughter
C S Lakshmi
When Alamelu Shrugged
Neela Bhagwat
An Outsider at Home
Roshan G Shahani
Her Infinite Variety
Urmila Pawar
The Cross a Woman Carries
Tuntun Mukherjee
My Mother's Gardens
Maithili Rao
Stepmother at Seventeen
Dhiruben Patel
Motherhood and Me
Kamala Das
A Mother, Myself
Pratibha Ranade
A Delicate Bondage
Nabaneeta Dev Sen
Not a Joke!  
Shashi Deshpande
Learning to Be a Mother
Deepa Gahlot
No Baby, No Cry!
Jyotsna Kamal
More a Friend
Mallika Sarabhai
Letter to My Children
Rekha Rodwittiya
Paint and Nursery Rhymes
Nita Ramaiya
The Colour of Hibiscus
Anwesha Arya
The Mother Who Wasn't

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Rinki Bhattacharya

Rinki Bhattacharya is Chairperson of the Bimal Roy Memorial Committee. She is also a well-known journalist and documentary film-maker based in Mumbai. Her documentary, Char Diwari, on domestic violence has received international acclaim. She made a five-minute audio-visual capsule, Janani—based on the same theme as this book. Ms Bhattacharya has also worked as a volunteer at Nari Kendra in Mumbai and started, in 1987, a crisis hotline called Help. Her publications include Bengal Spices (2005), Behind Closed Doors: Domestic Violence in India (2004), Indelible Imprints—Daughters Write on Fathers (1999), Uncertain Liaisions: Sex, Strife &... More About Author

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