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It's Never Just About The Behaviour

It's Never Just About The Behaviour
A holistic approach to classroom behaviour management

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168 pages | Corwin UK
What do teachers really need to know (and do) to confidently mitigate, address, and resolve the sheer volume and complexity of challenging classroom behaviours they face?

In It’s Never Just About the Behaviour: A holistic approach to classroom behaviour management, educator Claire English answers this very question. Behaviour isn't ever just about the behaviour itself and effective behaviour management isn’t about simply responding to a behaviour.  It is about thinking through:
*the 'why' behind the behaviour,
*the 'what' is going on in the body and the brain, and
*the 'how' you can proactively craft your pedagogy and practice to support the wellbeing, development and educational experience of all students.

This book explores behaviour and classroom management through a holistic and best practice approach. It is driven by engaging and relatable narratives, grounded in research and delivers essential, actionable, and highly relevant professional learning on behaviour management. Claire empowers you to take the action you can take when you walk into your classroom. To feel supported, confident and equipped to turn your own space into an island of safety and support for each one of your students. To know that, when challenging behaviours inevitably pop up, you’ll be able to respond to them effectively and calmly. Allowing you to do the job that you got into the profession to do, and do it damn well. To teach.
1. Introduction
2. Pillar 1: Be Curious
3. Pillar 2: Be Calm
4. Pillar 3: Be Compassionate
5. Pillar 4: Be Consistent
6. Pillar 5: Be Clear
7. Pillar 6: Be Challenging
8. Pillar 7: Be Connected

Claire English

Claire English is an experienced Australian secondary English teacher and senior leader, specialising in supporting students with complex social, emotional and mental health needs. Over the past decade, she has worked in some of the most challenging learning environments across the United Kingdom and Australia, transforming incredibly volatile, chaotic and unproductive spaces, into places of safety, support and learning. Now, through her own behaviour management courses, Claire has supported and empowered hundreds of teachers worldwide to do the same. Claire supports teachers everyday demonstrating her deep passion for creating empowered,... More About Author