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IT Experience in India

IT Experience in India
Bridging the Digital Divide

First Edition
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March 2004 | 194 pages | SAGE India
In the last decades, the world has begun to undergo a new technologically-driven revolution, leading to what is commonly called `the Information Age'. It has inspired optimistic hopes that the `Digital Age' will bring about transparency in governments, rationality of markets and universal access to information.

But alongside the optimism and hype surrounding the information age, it was noted that a vast majority of the people remained untouched by this revolution. A `digital divide' came to be recognised between the rich and the powerful, who are part of the information age and the poor and powerless, who are not.

This book examines at length the history, nature and aspects related to the `digital divide' in India. It has examined in detail the social, economic and political aspects affecting it.

Digital divide is an issue that is being closely observed by policy makers, regulators and scholars. This book will be valuable to them, and to students of management and information technology.

Kenneth Keniston
The Four Digital Divides
V Balaji et al
Towards a Knowledge System for Sustainable Food Security
The Information Village Experiment in Pondicherry

T H Chowdhary
Liberalization of Indian Telecom
Regulation in the Era of Convergence (for Information Infrastructure and Services)

Pat Hall
Information Technology to Support Diversity in a Global Economy
Ashok Jhunjhunwala and Bhaskar Ramamurthi
An Update on Current Telecom and Regulation Scenario in India
P D Kaushik
An Agenda
Electronic Governance for the Poor

Deepak Kumar
Digital Development
Harsh Kumar
Science, Technology and the Politics of Computers in Indian Languages
Rajeev Sangal, Akshar Bharati and Vineet Chaitanya
Collaborative Creation of Digital Resources in Indian Languages
Annalee Saxenian
The Bangalore Boom
From Brain Drain to Brain Circulation?


Kenneth Keniston

Deepak Kumar

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