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Issues in Terrorism and Homeland Security

Issues in Terrorism and Homeland Security
Selections From CQ Researcher

Second Edition
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September 2010 | 480 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In the tradition of nonpartisanship and current analysis that is the hallmark of CQ Press, CQ Researcher readers investigate important and controversial policy issues.

The Second Edition of Issues in Terrorism and Homeland Security covers timely issues such as Terrorism and the Internet, Homeland Security, Interrogating the CIA, and Prosecuting Terrorists. The articles selected are engaging and reader-friendly, and the chapter-opening human interest stories will spark the interest of students. In addition, each article gives substantial background and analysis of a particular issue as well as useful pedagogical features to inspire critical thinking and to help students grasp and review key material. Offer your students the balanced reporting, complete overviews, and engaging writing that CQ Researcher has consistently provided for more than 80 years. This text is an ideal supplementary textbook for upper-division undergraduate and graduate courses on Terrorism, Homeland Security, and U.S. National Security.

New To This Edition:

Includes six new articles on the following topics:

· Terrorism and the Internet

· Hate Groups

· Human Rights Issues

· Homeland Security

· Interrogating the CIA

· Prosecuting Terrorists

1. Re-examining 9/11: Could the Terrorist Attacks Have Been Prevented?
2. Anti-Americanism: Is Anger at the U.S. Growing?
3. Religious Fundamentalism: Does It Lead to Intolerance and Violence?
4. Hate Groups: Is Extremism on the Rise in the United States?
5. Nuclear Proliferation and Terrorism: Can "Rogue" States and Terrorists Acquire Nuclear Weapons?
6. Terrorism and the Internet: Should Web Sites That Promote Terrorism Be Shut Down?
7. Understanding Islam: Is Islam Compatible With Western Values?
8. Crisis in Pakistan: Can the Fragile Democracy Survive?
9. Radical Islam in Europe: Are Terrorists Expanding Their Recruiting Efforts?
10. Global Jihad: Does a Terrorist Movement Threaten the West?
11. Human Rights Issues: Are They a Low Priority Under President Obama?
12. Homeland Security: Is America Safe From Terrorism Today?
13. Port Security: Are New Anti-Terrorism Measures Adequate?
14. Policing the Borders: Can the United States Guard Against Terrorists?
15. Interrogating the CIA: Should Its Role in Terrorism Cases Be Reexamined?
16. Torture Debate: Is the U.S. War on Terror Legitimizing Torture?
17. Treatment of Detainees: Are Suspected Terrorists Being Treated Unfairly?
18. Prosecuting Terrorists: Should Suspected Terrorists Be Given Military or Civil Trials?

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