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Issues for Debate in Social Policy

Issues for Debate in Social Policy
Selections From CQ Researcher

August 2009 | 472 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Issues for Debate in Social Policy is a timely supplement for courses in Social Policy. Each article gives substantial background and analysis of a particular issue as well as useful pedagogical features to inspire critical thinking and to help students grasp and review key material.

Topics include:

• Women's Rights

• Middle Class Squeeze

• Vanishing Jobs

• Race and Politics

• Domestic Poverty

• Welfare Reform

• Hunger in America

• Social Security Reform

• Child Welfare Reform

• Wounded Veterans

• Universal Coverage

• Ending Homelessness

• Mortgage Crisis

• Caring for the Elderly

• Aging Baby Boomers

• Gender Pay Gap

• The Obama Presidency.

Annotated Contents
Thomas J. Billitteri
1. Middle-Class Squeeze: Is More Government Aid Needed?
Peter Katel
2. Vanishing Jobs: Will the President's Plan Reduce Unemployment?
Marcia Clemmitt
3. Mortgage Crisis: Should the Government Bail Out Borrowers in Trouble?
Thomas J. Billitteri
4. Gender Pay Gap: Are Women Paid Fairly in the Workplace?
Karen Foerstel
5. Women's Rights: Are Violence and Discrimination Against Women Declining?
Marcia Clemmitt
6. Reproductive Ethics: Should Fertility Medicine Be Regulated More Tightly?
Thomas J. Billitteri
7. Domestic Poverty: Is a New Approach Needed to Help the Poorest Americans?
Kathy Koch
8. Hunger in America: How Bad Is the Problem?
Sarah Glazer
9. Welfare Reform: Are Former Welfare Recipients Better Off Today?
Mary H. Cooper
10. Social Security Reform: How Should America's Retirement System Be Saved?
Tom Price
11. Child Welfare Reform: Will Recent Changes Make At-Risk Children Safer?
Marcia Clemmitt
12. Universal Coverage: Will All Americans Finally Get Health Insurance?
Peter Katel
13. Wounded Veterans: Is America Shortchanging Vets on Health Care?
William Triplett
14. Ending Homelessness: Is the Problem Sovable?
Marcia Clemmitt
15. Caring for the Elderly: Who Will Pay for Care of Aging Baby Boomers?
Alan Greenblatt
16. Aging Baby Boomers: Will the 'Youth Generation' Redefine Old Age?
Peter Katel
17. Race and Politics: Will Skin Color Influence the Presidential Election?
Kenneth Jost
18. The Obama Presidency: Can Barack Obama Deliver the Change He Promises?

This is an ideal book for those studying Social Science degrees or degrees relating to Education. Images and small case study extracts make this a clear and easy to follow read.

Miss Rebecca Bolan
Education, Carshalton College
May 6, 2014

Students on a Sociology or Social Policy course will find this book extremely helpful. It encourages the student to critically think and make judgements about the case studies.

This would also be useful for the teacher when setting activities.

Mrs Cheryl Hine
Access to H.E., Leeds City College
February 20, 2014

This is an innovative approach to engaging students with the study of social policy. The text is accessible and encourages students to locate their own thinking and perspectives to the issues presented.

Ms Christine Smith
Social Science , university college of mark st and st john
July 18, 2011

This book will provide students with a range of perspectives on Social Policy topics. An international context adds a wider dimension to the learning experience.

Mrs Rachel Harrison
Interprofessional Studies, Winchester University
October 27, 2010

Sample Materials & Chapters

1. Middle-Class Squeeze

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