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Issues for Debate in American Public Policy

Issues for Debate in American Public Policy
Selections from CQ Researcher

Twenty Third Edition
Edited by:

September 2021 | 440 pages | CQ Press

Written by award-winning CQ Researcher journalists, this annual collection of nonpartisan and thoroughly researched reports focuses on 16 hot-button policy issues. The Twenty-Third Edition of Issues for Debate in American Public Policy promotes in-depth discussion, facilitates further research, and helps readers formulate their own positions on crucial policy issues. And because it is CQ Researcher, the policy reports are expertly researched and written, showing readers all sides of an issue.    

Because this annual volume comes together just months before publication, all selections are brand new and explore some of today’s most significant American public policy issues, including:

  • Infrastructure and Biden;
  • The Future of Unions;
  • Corporate D&I Initiatives;
  • Health and Society;
  • Domestic Terrorism; and
  • Much More!
Annotated Contents
Barbara Mantel and Brock Hall
1. Preventing Wildfires
Lisa Rabasca Roepe
2. Corporate D&I
Lorna Collier
3. Hollywood and COVID-19
Alan Greenblatt
4. State Finances
Reed Karaim
5. Reining in Big Tech
Holly Rosenkrantz
6. The Future of Unions
Sarah Glazer
7. Expertise Under Assault
Heather Kerrigan
8. Evictions and COVID-19
Alan Greenblatt
9. Voting Rights
Reed Karaim
10. The Biden Presidency
Daniel C. Vock
11. Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure
Tom Price
12. The GOP’s Future
Holly Rosenkrantz
13. Special Education
Ruth Terry
14. Women in the Workplace
Susan Ladika
15. Health and Society
Christina L. Lyons
16. Domestic Terrorism

Sample Materials & Chapters

Ch1: Preventing Wildfires

Ch2: Corporate D&I

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