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Introduction to Urban Development and Planning

Introduction to Urban Development and Planning

  • B. K. Pattanaik - Professor, School of Extension and Development Studies, (IGNOU), New Delhi
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August 2020 | 440 pages | SAGE Texts
Comprehensive textbook on issues and challenges of urban administration, development, governance and planning

Urbanization is one of the preferred choices available to countries for achieving various goals of sustainable development. However, the growing pressure on urban regions has affected their quality of life. This new textbook covers the most contemporary topics related to urban development, governance and planning as well as the issues and challenges faced by urban administration. It analyses the various policies and programmes adopted by both high-income and lower-middle income countries to achieve sustainable urbanization, and their application and treatment to help students get a holistic, practical perspective of the issues at hand.

Introduction to Urban Development and Planning will act as an introductory companion for the students of social sciences, such as economics, sociology, geography and urban studies, and also for the students pursuing architecture and civil engineering. 

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Key Features:

• Easy-to-understand approach to crucial theoretical aspects of urban development, planning and administration

• Dedicated chapters on smart and sustainable policy planning and implementation in urban settings

• Special focus on urban heritage, governance, and safety and security 

• Examples and cases from India to help students gain a relatable experience and contextual understanding of the theories
Urbanization: An Overview
Theories and Approaches of Urban Development and Planning
Urban Planning
Urban Management
Municipal Governance
Municipal Finance
Urban Infrastructure and Waste Management
Urban Poverty, Inequality and Unemployment
Urban Education and Health Care
Urban Heritage
Urban Water Bodies
Urban Open Spaces
Urban Slum, Informal Settlements and Urban Informal Sector
Urban Safety and Security
Sustainable Urbanization and Smart City


B. K. Pattanaik

B. K. Pattanaik is currently a professor at the School of Extension and Development Studies in the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi. He is the editor of the Political Economy Journal of India. He is also on the editorial board of the Journal of Economics and Development Studies, American Research Institute for Policy Development, New York; Asian the Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, Oyama, Japan, and the European Journal of Education Studies, Bucharest, Romania. Professor Pattanaik holds master’s degree in economics, MA in human resource management and PhD in economics. He has more than 25 years of... More About Author

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