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Introduction to Sustainable Development

Introduction to Sustainable Development

First Edition
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April 2018 | 308 pages | SAGE Texts

The book provides insights into the major challenges to sustainable development, and encourages and enables readers to participate in the sustainability transition.

Sustainable development is increasingly identified as more of a necessity than an option or luxury. Being multidisciplinary in nature, it requires the knowledge of scientific, economic and social sides of problems and their solutions, and how they interact. This book presents a critical account of the strengths and weaknesses in the pursuit of sustainability, with special reference to the developing world perspective. It motivates readers to work towards making truly inclusive and environmentally sustainable choices. It also inspires them to be engaged as ‘change-makers’ for more sustainable types of development in their families, companies and communities. 

The book is divided into three parts. Part 1 makes the case for sustainable development and paints the overall vision; Part 2 presents the stakeholders and tools that are needed in the transition to a sustainable future and Part 3 contains application areas that help the reader see how the previous parts come to play a role in the major issues of contemporary times.

Key Features: 

·  Critically links sustainable development goals with technology, infrastructure as well as human behaviour and institutions.

·  Follows thematic presentation across chapters to enable understanding of sustainability in the context of history, worldviews and the transition.

·  Applies four worldviews to the theme of every chapter to encourage readers recognise different perspectives and enable them to form their own opinion. 

·  Discusses behavioural action and attitudes to help students investigate their own values and motivation.

The Book at a Glance
Part I The Case for Sustainable Development
A Matter of Urgency
Roots of Unsustainable Development
Sustainability-A New Direction for Development
Part II Stakeholders and Tools
Enabling and Motivating People to Take Action
Changing Behaviour, Institutions and Technology
The Public Sector Tasks-Co-ordination and Implementation
The Private Sector-Business and Civil Society
From Global Concern to Local Action
Part III Key Areas for the Transition
Energy for Sustainable Development
Making Cities More Sustainable
Sustainable Food and Agriculture
Green Economy in the Context of Sustainable Development

Martin J. Ossewaarde

Martin J. Ossewaarde (born 1965) has an MSc in economics from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, with a major in institutional economics and a minor in public administration. His first job in the Environment Ministry’s Division for Climate Change deepened his theoretical and practical knowledge not only of climate change but also of energy, waste, transport and urban policies, as well as the effectiveness of various public policy instruments. Subsequent jobs in the Netherlands Government Foresight Committees on Science & Technology raised his interest in innovations for sustainable development. In 1998, Martin moved... More About Author

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