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Introduction to Policing

Introduction to Policing

December 2010 | 536 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This is a comprehensive and contemporary core textbook for introductory policing courses. All of the foundations of policing - organization, administration, operations, functions, training and misconduct - will be included, with additional up-to-date material on discretion, ethics, court rulings, contemporary strategies, technological advances and globalization.
1. Policing in America
2. Recruitment and Selection of Police Officers
3. Police Training and Education
4. The Police Culture
5. Law, Court Decisions, and the Police
6. Police Work: Operations and Functions
7. Police Organizations and Administration: An Overview
8. Discretion, Ethics, and Accountability in Policing
9. Police Misconduct
10. Policing in a Multicultural Setting
11. Contemporary Strategies in Policing
12. Technology and the Police
13. Global Issues: Implications for the Police
14. Private and Contract Police
15. The Future of Policing in the United States
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The text has worked well with our Introductory Policing course. I do recommend this as an effective teaching tool and most certainly appreciate the online resouces that Sage offers to us instructors. You offer assistance at our fingertips and make lesson planning so simple.
Thank you.

Mrs Diane Palmer
Criminal Justice , Columbus Technical College
April 22, 2014

Looking to utilize this book for the FY13 school year. Adopting it based on local law enforcement & adjunct faculty input.

Ms Camielle Call
Social Sciences Dept, University of Alaska Southeast - Sitka
September 12, 2011

Although this is an American text, I feel it is still one which is relevent within my course.
It is an extremely interesting an detailed text, which covers a wide range of policing topics from policing culture, privitisation of the police to ethics and mutlicultural issues.
I am yet to find a UK equivalent of this text, and look forward to seeing one in the future.
The chapters are detailed and the case studies are excellent is further explaining aspects, but I feel some UK examples would further help this

Miss Laura Firth
Public Services, Runshaw College
May 17, 2011

This has proved invaluable in enabling students to make comparisons between British and American policing. This book is easy to understand and explains matters of policing in a style which is relevant

Mrs Fiona Porter
Dept of Social Sciences & Humanities, Bradford University
May 3, 2011

Excellent introduction for students at levels 5 and 6 to provide an understanding of policing in the US

Dr Carol Borland Jones
Natural and Social Sciences, Gloucestershire University
February 21, 2011

Sample Materials & Chapters

4. The Police Culture

Detailed Table of Contents

9. Police Misconduct

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Gene L. Scaramella

Dr. Gene L. Scaramella taught in and coordinated criminal justice programs in both career colleges and 2/4 year public colleges and universities in the Chicago area. His areas of academic foci included organized and white collar crime, research methodologies, and policing. Dr. Scaramella was also a former member of the Chicago Police Department where his last assignment was in the organized crime unit. He passed away in August 2012. More About Author

Steven Markee Cox

Steven M. Cox earned his BS in psychology, MA in sociology, and PhD in sociology at the University of Illinois in Urbana–Champaign. Dr. Cox was a member of the Law Enforcement and Justice Administration faculty at Western Illinois University from 1975 to 2007. For the past 45 years, he has served as trainer and consultant to numerous criminal justice agencies in the United States and abroad and has worked with several universities in the area of course development. In addition, Dr. Cox has authored and co-authored numerous successful textbooks and articles. More About Author

William P. McCamey

Dr. William P. McCamey was a Professor in the School of Law Enforcement and Justice Administration at Western Illinois University from 1982 to 2012. Dr. McCamey earned a B.S. and M.A. in Law Enforcement Administration, and a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. Dr. McCamey has served as a criminal investigator, police trainer and has co-authored four textbooks and numerous journal articles. More About Author

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