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Introduction to Leadership - International Student Edition

Introduction to Leadership - International Student Edition
Concepts and Practice

Sixth Edition

January 2024 | 408 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Includes new chapter on Working with Groups!

The Sixth Edition of Peter G. Northouse’s best-selling Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice provides readers with a clear, concise overview of the complexities of practicing leadership and concrete strategies for becoming better leaders. The text is organized around key leader responsibilities such as creating a vision, engaging strengths, and managing conflict. Case studies, self-assessment questionnaires, observational exercises, and reflection and action worksheets engage readers to apply leadership concepts to their own lives. Grounded in leadership theory and the latest research, the fully updated, highly practical Sixth Edition includes a new chapter on working with groups, 2 new cases, and 6 new Leadership Snapshots. 
Chapter 1: Understanding Leadership
Chapter 2: Recognizing Your Traits
Chapter 3: Understanding Leadership Styles
Chapter 4: Attending to Tasks and Relationships
Chapter 5: Developing Leadership Skills
Chapter 6: Engaging Strengths
Chapter 7: Creating a Vision
Chapter 8: Working with Groups
Chapter 9: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion
Chapter 10: Managing Conflict
Chapter 11: Addressing Ethics in Leadership
Chapter 12: Exploring Destructive Leadership

Peter G. Northouse

Peter G. Northouse is a professor emeritus of communication in the School of Communication at Western Michigan University. For more than 25 years he taught leadership and interpersonal and organizational communication at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition to publications in professional journals he is the author of Leadership: Theory and Practice (9th ed.) and Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice (6th ed.) and co-author of Health Communication: Strategies for Health Professionals (3rd ed.). His scholarly and curricular interests include models of leadership, leadership assessment, ethical leadership, and... More About Author

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