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Introduction To Globalization and Business

Introduction To Globalization and Business
Relationships and Responsibilities

Second Edition

© 2005 | 536 pages | SAGE Response
In times when globalization is at the hub of many a discussion and debate, this book introduces students to its effects on businesses—within the contexts of natural environment, culture, economics, politics, technology and industry activities.

Barbara Parker shows how successful global managers are those who are best able to monitor, respond to, and even shape global shifts, as well as achieve worldwide integration of their internal resources of people, processes and structures. Her emphasis is on applying management principles in a global world, but as globalization has a multidisciplinary nature, she also addresses theories from other fields, particularly economics, international business and cultural anthropology.

The book also introduces timely topics to do with our global environment—such as leadership, human resource systems management, career development, corporate social responsibility, business ethics and diversity management.

Each chapter includes:

- A case study to introduce chapter topics

- An overview of chapter objectives

- Examples from both small and large firms to illustrate chapter concepts

- A chapter summary

- Review and discussion questions

Introduction to Globalization and Business will help university students understand and assess how external global shifts affect organizational activities and business practices.

An Introduction to Globalization  
A Systems View of Global Management  
Characteristics and Challenges for Global Enterprises  
The Landscape of Global Business  
Global Industries  
Globalization of the Natural Environment  
Globalization of Culture  
Global Economics 1: Trade, FDI, Currency, Wealth Measures and Financial Institutions  
Global Economy 2: Globalization of Labor  
Global Politics  
Globalization of Technologies  
Organizational Governance and Structure  
Leaders, Managers, Careers and Global Human Resource Systems  
Managing Diversity and Teams  
Corporate Social Responsibilty and Ethics  
Decision-Making, Innovation and Creativity, Risk and Conflict Management  
A Look Ahead  

The book is voluminous…contents are comprehensive…The organizational examples/cases drawn from different countries as well as industries are quite interesting. This apart, the chapter summary at the end of the each chapter also helps the reader to recollect the contents of a chapter in a quick and easy manner. Thus, the students of not only business management, but also other social sciences should find this book interesting and useful…. This book also serves as a ‘reference book’ and therefore will be a good addition to the libraries as well.


The book is indeed well written and is valuable resource for researchers interested in globalization.

South Asian Journal of Management

Helps you understand how external global shifts affect organizational activities and business practices….  It is not an exhaustive study of globalization but aims to complement existing texts.  The analytical framework is based on a comparative political economy approach and offers conceptual and policy insights into the core themes interlocking globalization.

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Barbara Parker

Barbara Parker is Associate Professor of management at the Albers School of Business and Economics at Seattle University More About Author

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