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Introduction to Feminist Therapy

Introduction to Feminist Therapy
Strategies for Social and Individual Change

September 2010 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
An Introduction to Feminist Therapy, by Evans, Kinkade and Seem, focuses on the practical application of feminist theory to clinical experience. Whereas other books in the area tend to focus on specific clinical issues encountered by women (such as sexual abuse or rape), this book addresses a broad range of clinical situations. It offers strategies to be used by male or female therapists working with men, women, families, or groups. The primary goal of the book is to help instructors, students and professionals to learn 'how to' implement feminist therapy.
1. Feminist Therapy: Roots and Branches
2. Feminist Therapy: A Social and Individual Change Model
3. Ethics and Values in Feminist Counseling and Psychology
4. The Importance of Gender
5. Mental Health and Diagnosis in the Context of Feminist Therapy
6. Feminist Conceptualization
7. Establishing and Maintaining the Egalitarian Relationship
8. Gender Role and Power Analysis
9. Social Change and Empowerment
10. Feminist Therapy in Practice
11. Critical Cases Studies
About the Authors

New instructor - new perspective for the syllabus.

Mrs Michele Ury Foist
Social Work Division, University of Wyoming
October 30, 2012

Kathy M. Evans

Kathy Evans who received her doctorate from the Pennsylvania State University, is associate professor at the University of South Carolina where she is the Program Coordinator of the Counselor Education Program. She is widely published with articles in major journals and chapters in key textbooks in the area of multicultural counseling, with special emphases on issues of race, career counseling, and feminist issues. Her most recent books include Gaining Cultural Competence in Career Counseling and Introduction to Feminist Therapy. More About Author

Elizabeth A. Kincade

Elizabeth A. Kincade was awarded her Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Penn State in 1989. Presently, she teaches at both the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (as an associate professor) and at Walden University School of Psychology. She is a licensed psychologist who provides counseling services at IUP. She has written widely on the topic of feminist counseling. More About Author

Susan Rachael Seem

Susan R. Seem achieved her Ph.D. in 1991 from Penn State. She is associate professor of counselor education at SUNY Brockport. She is also a licensed psychologist and has practiced counseling in many clinical venues. She is past Director of University Counseling Center at Shippensburg University. Dr. Seem's publishing history includes many journal articles in feminist family therapy, GBLT counseling, and gender issues in counseling situations. More About Author

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