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Introduction to Development Studies

Introduction to Development Studies

First Edition
  • B. K. Pattanaik - Professor, School of Extension and Development Studies, (IGNOU), New Delhi
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May 2016 | 288 pages | SAGE Texts

This textbook helps students understand the fundamentals of development studies by adopting a multi-disciplinary approach.

Introduction to Development Studies
 presents a balanced mix of economic, social, political, cultural and administrative premises of development and analyses its theoretical and practical dimensions.  Through preceding and contemporary examples from developing countries, it provides a holistic understanding of development, effectively demonstrating how it differs from economic growth.

Beginning with development theories, paradigms and actors involved in the development process, this book goes on to explain the concepts of development governance, management, communication and planning. It would prove to be an indispensable companion to students of economics, sociology, political science, public administration, public policy and other social science disciplines.

Key Features

• Presents an exhaustive treatment of ‘development’ from theoretical and practical perspectives

• Covers three key aspects of contemporary development—development governance, development administration and development communication

• Provides accessible and thematic explanation of the core concepts to engage students with/from various disciplinary backgrounds


Introduction to Development
Classical and Neo-classical Theories of Development
Developmentalist Theory of Development
Heterodox Theories of Development
Dimensions of Development
Market, State and Heterogeneous Actors
Paradigms of Development
Development Administration
Development Governance
Development Planning
Development Management
Development Communication

B. K. Pattanaik

B. K. Pattanaik is currently a professor at the School of Extension and Development Studies in the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi. He is the editor of the Political Economy Journal of India. He is also on the editorial board of the Journal of Economics and Development Studies, American Research Institute for Policy Development, New York; Asian the Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, Oyama, Japan, and the European Journal of Education Studies, Bucharest, Romania. Professor Pattanaik holds master’s degree in economics, MA in human resource management and PhD in economics. He has more than 25 years of... More About Author

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