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Intimate Journalism

Intimate Journalism
The Art and Craft of Reporting Everyday Life

First Edition

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March 1997 | 376 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
An exemplary text for courses in feature writing, magazine and literary journalism, Intimate Journalism introduces students to the art of combining human interest stories with incisive journalistic enquiry. Harrington prefaces this outstanding collection of award-winning feature articles with detailed, practical reporting advice, sharing trade secrets from his 15 years as a staff writer for The Washington Post. The following chapters each contains examples of human interest reporting, followed by an invaluable afterword from each journalist describing how he or she conceptualized, reported and wrote their particular story.
The Job of Remembering for the Tribe

A Writer's Essay
Seeking the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Gary Smith
The Man Who Couldn't Read
Gary Smith
Shadow of a Nation
Susan Orlean
The American Man at Age Ten
David Finkel
The Last Housewife in America
David Finkel
TV without Guilt
Jon Franklin
Mrs Kelly's Monster
Pete Earley
Missing Alice
Madeleine Blais
In These Girls, Hope Is a Muscle
Madeleine Blais
Zepp's Last Stand
Jeanne Marie Laskas
Each Other's Mirror
Richard Ben Cramer
How the World Turns in West Philadelphia
Mike Sager
Death in Venice
Walt Harrington
True Detective
Walt Harrington
When Daddy Comes Home
Walt Harrington
The Shape of Her Dreaming

Walter George Harrington

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