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Interviews in Qualitative Research

Interviews in Qualitative Research

Second Edition

© 2019 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This dynamic user-focused book will help you to get the data you want from your interviews. It provides practical guidance regarding technique, gives top-tips from real world case studies and shares achievable checklists and interview plans.

Whether you are doing interviews in your own research or just using other researchers’ data, this book will tell you everything you need to know about designing, planning, conducting and analyzing quality interviews. It explains how to:

-          Construct ethical research designs

-          Record and manage your data

-          Transcribe your notes

-          Analyse your findings

-          Disseminate your conclusions

Written using clear, jargon-free terminology and with coverage of practical, theoretical and philosophical issues all grounded in examples from real interviews, this is the ideal guide for new and experienced researchers alike.

Nigel King is Professor of Applied Psychology at the University of Huddersfield.

Christine Horrocks is Professor of Applied Social Psychology and Head of the Department of Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University. 

Joanna Brooks is Lecturer in the Manchester Centre for Health Psychology at the University of Manchester. 



Philosophical Assumptions
Ethics in Qualitative Interviewing
Designing an Interview Study
Carrying out Qualitative Interviews
Group Interviews
Remote Interviewing
Visual Methods in Qualitative Interviewing
Reflexivity and Qualitative Interviewing
An Introduction to Interview Data Analysis
Interviews in Phenomenological Research
Interviews and Discourse Analysis
Interviews and Narrative

As a researcher and educator I find this book to be an invaluable resource, a detailed yet accessible guide for all those engaged in qualitative research

Daragh Bradshaw
Lecturer, Psychology Department, University of Limerick

Interviews in Qualitative Research (Second Edition) should be your first line of defense as you voyage through the minefield of using the method of interviewing. As a supervisor and qualitative researcher, this is a must-have, accessible read to support researchers at any stage. A helping, comforting hand to hold for qualitative researchers!

Jo Bowser-Angermann
Course Leader in Education, Anglia Ruskin University

This is an impressive and comprehensive exploration of the use of interviews in qualitative research – theoretically rich, practically sensible, robust in application and academically relevant. It is essential reading for researchers at all levels of their research journey – an excellent resource and contribution to the literature.

Derek Farrell
Principal Lecturer in Psychology, University of Worcester

Interviews in Qualitative Research is a must read for ambitious students and developing researchers. The authors holistically detail the interview method whilst remaining clear, concise and coherent. I am confident this book will help produce high quality qualitative research!

James Bowness
Lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy in the Department of Social Sciences, Glasgow Caledonian University

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Nigel King

Nigel King is Professor in Applied Psychology and Director of the Centre for Applied Psychological Research at the University of Huddersfield, UK.  He has a long standing interest in the use of qualitative methods in ‘real world’ research.  With a background in both organizational and health psychology, his research interests include professional identities and interprofessional relations in health and social care.  He is author with Christine Horrocks of “Interviews in Qualitative Research” (Sage, 2010) and with Neil Anderson of “Managing Innovation and Change: A Critical Guide for Organizations” (Thomson Learning, 2002).... More About Author

Christina Horrocks

Joanna Brooks

Joanna Brooks is a Chartered Psychologist and Lecturer in Health Psychology at the University of Manchester. Her research interests include the long-term management of chronic and palliative illness conditions in the home environment, and networks of communication and support in health and social care.  She has particular expertise in qualitative research methods and her work is informed by an interest in the development and use of novel and inclusive approaches to research. She is editor (with Nigel King) of “Applied Qualitative Research in Psychology” (Palgrave, 2017) and author (with Nigel King) of “Template Analysis for Business... More About Author

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