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A Guide to Theory and Practice

360 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book provides guidance to researchers about how to develop interview skills that align with their theoretical assumptions. Connecting "theory" and "method" can be challenging for novice researchers. Interviewing: A Guide to Theory and Practice draws from, and extends, the author's earlier 2010 book, and focuses on three interrelated issues, how researchers: theorize research interviews; examine their subject positions in relation to projects and participants; and explore the details of interview interaction to inform practice. By developing these understandings of qualitative interview practice, Kathryn Roulston shows how researchers can design and conduct quality research projects that draw on a wide range of interview practices to provide audience members and communities with significant findings concerning social problems.
1 Asking Questions and Individual Interviews
2 Joint and Group Interviews
3 Theorizing the Qualitative Interview
4 Post Qualitative Inquiry and Interviewing
5 Designing Studies that Use Interviews
6 Conducting Interview Research
7 Theorizing the Researcher: The Reflective Interviewer
8 Examining Interview Talk Methodologically
9 Analyzing and Representing Interview Data
10 Accounts of Interviewing Practice
Epilogue: Final Thoughts: Learning How to Interview

Kathryn Joy Roulston

Kathryn Roulston is a Professor in the Qualitative Research Program in the Mary Frances Early College of Education at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, where she teaches qualitative research methods. Her research interests include qualitative research methods, qualitative interviewing, and analyses of talk-in-interaction. She is editor of Interactional Studies of Qualitative Interviews (2019), and with Kathleen deMarrais, has co-authored Exploring the Archives: A Beginner’s Guide for Qualitative Researchers (forthcoming). She has contributed chapters to The SAGE Handbook of Interview Research (2012, 2nd edition), The SAGE... More About Author