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Interracial Communication

Interracial Communication
Theory Into Practice

Third Edition

December 2013 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This Third Edition of Interracial Communication: Theory Into Practice guides readers in applying the contributions of recent communication theory to improving everyday communication among the races. Authors Mark P. Orbe and Tina M. Harris offer a comprehensive, practical foundation for dialogue on interracial communication, as well as a resource that stimulates thinking and encourages readers to become active participants in dialogue across racial barriers. Part I provides a foundation for studying interracial communication and includes chapters on the history of race and racial categories, the importance of language, the development of racial and cultural identities, and current and classical theoretical approaches. Part II applies this information to interracial communication practices in specific, everyday contexts, including friendships, romantic relationships, the mass media, and organizational, public, and group settings. This Third Edition includes the latest data, new research studies and examples, all-new photos, and important new topics.
Part I: Foundations for Interracial Communication Theory and Practice
1. Studying Interracial Communication
2. The History of Race
3. The Power of Verbal and Nonverbal Codes
4. Racial and Ethnic Identity Negotiation
5. Intersectionality of Identities
6. Theoretical Approaches to Studying Interracial Communication
Part II: Interracial Communication in Specific Contexts
7. Racial Hierarchies as International Communication Phenomena
8. Friendships and Romantic Relationships
9. Interracial Communication in the Workplace
10. Interracial Conflict
11. Race/Ethnicity and the Mass Media
12. Moving From the Theoretical to the Practical
About the Authors

“A very unique and excellent read on not only intercultural communication, but also the vernacular surrounding race and ethnicity.”

Daniel Hodge
Azusa Pacific University

Excellent, book - provides essential inside of the communication challenges within socity.

Mrs Petra Chipperfield
Department of Adult Nursing, City University
February 24, 2015

This is a practical and comprehensive book on interracial communication that is thought provoking. I liked the way that it applys theory to practice and stimulates discussion.

Angela Rowlands
Centre for Medical Education, Queen Mary, University of London
February 27, 2014

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1

Mark P. Orbe

Mark P. Orbe (PhD, Ohio University) is professor of communication and diversity in the School of Communication at Western Michigan University, where he also holds a joint appointment in the gender and women’s studies program. He conducts research in interpersonal-intercultural communication, co-cultural communication, intergroup relations, mass media representations of underrepresented group members, and negotiation/intersection of multiple cultural identities. Over his career, has published ten books and hundreds of journal articles and book chapters. He is also founder and president of Dumela Communications, a full-service consulting... More About Author

Tina Maria Harris

Tina M. Harris (PhD, University of Kentucky) is professor of communication studies at the University of Georgia. She has been recognized with the Josiah T. Meigs Teaching Professorship and received the Georgia Board of Regents’ 2006 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award for her scholarship on race and pedagogy in the college classroom. She is co-author of three books: Interracial Communication: Theory Into Practice (2008, SAGE), Mediating Cultures: Parenting in Intercultural Contexts (2012, Lexington Books), and Religion and Communication: An Anthology of Extensions in Theory, Research, and Method (2012, Peter Lang). She teaches... More About Author

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