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Interpretive Phenomenology

Interpretive Phenomenology
Embodiment, Caring, and Ethics in Health and Illness

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Nursing Theory

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Patricia Benner's introduction to phenomenology develops the reader's understanding of the strategies and processes involved in this innovative approach to nursing.

The author discusses the relationship between theory and practice, considers the possibility of a science of caring from a feminist perspective, introduces interpretive phenomenology to the study of natural groups such as families, and suggests a basis for developing nursing ethics that is true to the caring and healing practices of the nursing profession.

Ragnar Fjellan and Eva Gjengedal
A Theoretical Foundation for Nursing as a Science
Margaret J Dunlop
Is a Science of Caring Possible?
Victoria Leonard
A Heideggerian Phenomenological Perspective on the Concept of Person
Karen A Plager
Hermeneutic Phenomenology
A Methodology for Family Health and Health Promotion Study in Nursing

David C Thomasma
Toward a New Medical Ethics
Implications for Ethics in Nursing

Patricia Benner
The Tradition and Skill of Interpretive Phenomenology in Studying Health, Illness, and Caring Practices
Nancy Diekelmann, Robert Schuster, and Suilum Lam
Martin, A Computer Software Program
On Being Able to Hear What the Text Did Not Say

Lee Smith Battle
Beyond Normalizing
The Role of Narrative in Understanding Teenage Mothers' Transition to Mothering

Catherine A Chesla
Parent's Caring Practices with Schizophrenic Offspring
Philip Darbyshire
Parenting in Public
Parental Participation and Involvement in the Care of their Hospitalized Child

Nancy D Doolittle
A Clinical Ethnography of Stroke Recovery
Patricia Benner et al
Moral Dimensions of Living with a Chronic Illness, Autonomy, Responsibility and the Limits of Control
Peggy L Wros
The Ethical Context of Nursing Care of Dying Patients in Critical Care
Deborah Gordon
A Cross Cultural Comparison with Telling and not Telling the Cancer Diagnosis
Cynthia M Stuhlmiller
Narrative Methodology in Disaster Studies
Rescuers of Cypress


Patricia E. Benner

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