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International Security

International Security
Problems and Solutions

February 2006 | 360 pages | CQ Press
Conflict--be it war between states, ethnic violence, civil war, or terrorist activity--endures, despite immense efforts to end it. How do states cope with conflict, minimize future threats, and reduce the risk of insecurity? Morgan outlines a spectrum of solutions states use to manage violent conflict, ranging from strategies that individual governments enact largely on their own, such as distribution of power, deterrence, or arms control, to those such as collective security and multilateralism that are more global in nature. The book progresses into tactical and practical actions, from negotiation and mediation to peace imposition. Morgan evaluates each strategy and tactic in terms of how well it addresses three levels of security--systemic, state, and societal--to show how they are interrelated and complementary to each other in important ways. Addressing insecurity at one level often elicits further insecurity at another. Morgan shows students how these various levels interact-either to a state&BAD:rsquo;s advantage or to its detriment-so they can comprehensively analyze the ways that political actors manage (or incite) conflict.Useful pedagogical features help students master the material:Terms and Concepts boxes go beyond simple definitions and provide students with a concept&BAD:rsquo;s evolution over time or the controversy surrounding the meaning of a certain term.Cases and Context boxes offer needed background and interesting detail about pivotal cases of conflict, both historical and contemporary in nature.Key terms are bolded throughout and compiled in a glossary.Annotated bibliographic essays at the end of each chapter point students to additional sources for further study.

This book can also be adopted as a secondary source by students who are studying security, international relations and politics.

Mr Ikrom Yakubov
Department of Politics, Dundee University
November 13, 2015

It is well written and has relevant information on the topic.

Dr Bekir Cinar
Politics and International Politics, Epoka University
April 28, 2015

In a truly remarkable fashion the author introduces different approaches and solutions to achieving security in international relations. A must-read for scholars and students alike.

Mr Simon Koschut
International Studies, University of Erlangen Nuremberg
December 10, 2013

First of all, the book is very useful for International Security students or the ones who deal with terrorism and politics. The book offers many examples from recent events so the readers may get the terms easily. Moreover, the term , case, and further reading boxes make the reader feel very comfortable to have the necessary information about terrorism, international relations and so on.

Mr Seydali Ekici
Political Science , Turgut Ozal University
November 19, 2013

A good introduction to security studies for students and scholars of public international law. I recommend this as background reading for my students in a class on the history and foundations of international law.

Dr Clemens Richter
Faculty of Law, University of Hamburg
June 18, 2012

Patrick M. Morgan

Patrick M. Morgan (PhD, Yale University) is professor of political science and the Thomas and Elizabeth Tierney Chair in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of California, Irvine. His research topics include national and international security, deterrence in theory and practice, arms control, and regional security management particularly in Northeast Asia. He has authored and edited many books, including Deterrence Now (2003), Security Studies Today (1999), Reviewing the Cold War (1999), and Regional Orders (1997). More About Author

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