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International Relations and Religion

International Relations and Religion

Four Volume Set
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January 2016 | 1 448 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The study of religion and international relations has been gathering pace over the past few decades, and has intensified since the start of the new millennium, when the discipline experienced a sudden surge of interest attributable to world events, starting with the Iranian Revolution and culminating with U.S. incursions into Afghanistan and Iraq. 

This four-volume set organizes and contextualizes this burgeoning literature and its contribution to the study of international theory, focusing in particular on its influence in the subfield of war and peace studies. 

The four volumes are arranged thematically, including papers which offer a range of answers to key questions such as:

  • How has religion shaped the structure of international system?
  • How do we define the relationship between religion and war?
  • In what ways has religion prevented, constrained or resolved conflict?
  • How do we approach the methodological, ontological and epistemological challenges raised by the interdisciplinary study of religion and international relations?
The Clash of Civilizations?

Samuel P. Huntington
Taking Religious and Cultural Pluralism Seriously: The Global Resurgence of Religion and the Transformation of International Society

Scott Thomas
Religion as an Overlooked Element of International Relations

Jonathan Fox
History and Arguments: “Substance in Our Enmities”

Anthony W. Marx
Reconsidering Westphalia’s Legacy for Religion and International Politics

John Carlson and Erik Owens
The Loss of Faith in Secular Nationalism

Mark Juergensmeyer
Getting Religion: Has Political Science Rediscovered the Faith Factor?

Kenneth D. Wald and Clyde Wilcox
Faith in Politics: New Trends in the Study of Religion and Politics

Eva Bellin
Has the Study of Global Politics Found Religion?

Daniel Philpott
Religion and International Relations Theory: Towards a Mutual Understanding

Nukhet Sandal and Patrick James
Why Was There No Religious War in Premodern East Asia?

David Kang
The Rites of Violence: Religious Riot in Sixteenth-Century France

Natalie Zemon Davis
Huitzilopochtli’s Feast: Sacramental Warfare in Ancient Mexico

James A. Aho
Fear and Trembling: Terrorism in Three Religious Traditions

David C. Rapoport
Military Religion among the Crusaders: 1095–1215

David S. Bachrach
Getting Religion? The Puzzling Case of Islam and Civil War

Monica Duffy Toft
Explaining the Political Ambivalence of Religion

Daniel Philpott
Religious Rage: A Quantitative Analysis of the Intensity of Religious Conflicts

Susanna Pearce
Fighting with Faith: Religion and Conflict Resolution in Civil Wars

Isak Svensson
Islam's Bloody Innards? Religion and Political Terror, 1980–2000

Indra de Soysa and Ragnhild Nordås
What’s So ‘Religious’ about ‘Religious Terrorism’?

Jeroen Gunning and Richard Jackson
Blasphemy and Violence

Ron E. Hassner
The Ancient Fire: Religion and Suicide Terrorism

Peter S. Henne
The Killing of Captives and the Destruction of Enemy Fortifications

Is It Always Sinful to Wage War?

St. Thomas Aquinas
Extract from The Challenge of Peace: God's Promise and Our Response, A Pastoral Letter on War and Peace

National Conference of Catholic Bishops
Historical Roots and Sources of the Just War Tradition in Western Culture

James Turner Johnson
World Religions and Conflict Resolution

Harvey Cox et al.
Religion and Conflict Transformation

R. Scott Appleby
Religion and Peacebuilding

Cynthia Sampson
Between Religion and Conflict Resolution: Mapping a New Field of Study

Marc Gopin
Faith-based Diplomacy and Preventive Engagement

Douglas Johnston and Brian Cox
To Halve and to Hold: Conflicts over Sacred Space and the Problem of Indivisibility

Ron E. Hassner
Islamic Principles of Nonviolence and Peacebuilding

Mohammed Abu-Nimer
Religion in World Affairs: Its Role in Conflict and Peace

David R. Smock
Faithful Brokers? Potentials and Pitfalls of Religion in Peacemaking

Kristian Berg Harpviken and Hanne Eggen Røislien
Religion and Mediation: The Role of Faith-based Actors in International Conflict Resolution

Jacob Bercovitch and Ayse S. Kadayifci-Orellana
Religion and Peacebuilding

Gerard Powers
The Construction of Religion as an Anthropological Category

Talal Asad
On ‘Religion’ and Its Despisers

Ivan Strenski
Does Religion Make a Difference? Theoretical Approaches to the Impact of Faith on Political Conflict

Andrease Hasenclever and Volker Rittberger
Clash of Civilizations, or Realism and Liberalism Déjà Vu? Some Evidence

Bruce M. Russett, John R. Oneal and Michaelene Cox
Is There a Clash of Civilizations? Evidence from Patterns of International Conflict Involvement, 1946–97

Giacomo Chiozza
Ethnicity, Political Systems and Civil Wars

Marta Reynal-Querol
Ethnicity, Insurgency, and Civil War

James D. Fearon and David D. Laitin
The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism

Robert Pape
Clash of Civilisations and Escalation of Domestic Ethnopolitical Conflicts

Philip G. Roeder
The Political Authority of Secularism in International Relations

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd
Civilisational Conflicts: More Frequent, Longer, and Bloodier?

Andrej Tusicisny
Religion Is Not a Preference

Joshua Mitchell
Religious Preferences and Social Science: A Second Look

Clyde Wilcox, Kenneth D. Wald, & Tedd G. Jelen
Religion and Violence: Coming to Terms with Terms

John D. Carlson
The ‘Ambivalence of the Sacred’ in Africa: The Impact of Religion on Peace and Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa

Matthias Basedau and Alexander de Juan
Shrouded: Islam, War and Holy War in Southeast Asia

Shane Barter and Ian Zatkin-Osburn

Ron E Hassner

Isak Svensson