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International Politics

International Politics
Concepts, Theories and Issues

Second Edition
Edited by:
  • Rumki Basu - Department of Public Administration, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India
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November 2017 | 440 pages | SAGE Texts

This multi-authored textbook helps to critically understand the major concepts, theories and issues of international politics in a constantly changing environment.

Designed as a core textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students, this book provides a roadmap to orient students to the main concepts, theories and issues in world politics today. Each chapter provides an analytical overview of the issues addressed, identifies the central actors and perspectives, and outlines past progress and future prospects.

The highlight of the book is a critical overview of the major theories of international politics apart from a fairly detailed chapter on India’s foreign policy. This revised edition includes new chapters on the impacts of globalization, regionalism and global politics and perspectives from the global South. Debates and discourses on contemporary issues such as terrorism, human rights, development, security and the role and relevance of international organizations have been updated to suit recent curriculum requirements.

Key Features

• Critical overview of the major theories and issues of international politics

• Updated data added with illustrations in every chapter

• Each chapter aided by model questions for classroom discussion


Preface to the First Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
Part A: Concepts
Cold War and Beyond Farah Naaz
S.R.T.P. Sugunakara Raju
The Nation State System: National Power, Balance of Power and Collective Security
Farah Naaz
Role of National Interest
Mehtab Manzar
Diplomacy: Nature, Forms and Relevance
Furqan Ahmad
Colonialism and Neocolonialism: Impact of Decolonization
M. Muslim Khan
Disarmament, Arms Control and Nuclear Proliferation
Part B: Theories
Farah Naaz
Rumki Basu
Krishnaswamy Dara
Krishnaswamy Dara
Postmodernism and Constructivism in International Relations
Part C: Issues
Sucharita Sengupta
Globalization: Meaning and Dimensions
Rumki Basu
The United Nations: Changing Role
Mehtab Manzar
Human Rights and International Politics
Rumki Basu
The Global Environment: Issues and Debates
Adnan Farooqi
Rumki Basu
Development and Security: Changing Paradigms
Mehtab Manzar
Regionalism and Global Politics
Sucharita Sengupta
Eurocentrism and Perspectives from the Global South
Part D: India’s Foreign Policy and Bilateral Relations
Mohammed Badrul Alam
Basic Determinants of India’s Foreign Policy and Bilateral Relations
Rumki Basu

Rumki Basu

Rumki Basu is currently a Professor in the Department of Political Science, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. She has published 8 books and 30 articles on issues of public policy and governance, international organization, and the political economy of development in India. She has presented papers in the World Congress of Political Science in Berlin (1994), Seoul (1997), Santiago (2009) and Madrid (2012) besides participating in international workshops in the Asia-Pacific Region. She has received the Indian Council of Social Science Research Teacher Fellowship Award. More About Author

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