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International Migration

International Migration

Four Volume Set
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July 2011 | 1 528 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This collection brings the best research into the politics of global migration.

Reflecting the complexity and diversity of work in this area, the set draws primarily from the work of political scientists and scholars of international relations, but also draws from seminal contributions by sociologists, lawyers, economists and geographers. Andrew Geddes' selection examines the causes, modes, patterns and consequences of international migration and demonstrates how its analysis requires connections to be made between the domestic and the international in the global system.

Theories of International Migration: A Review and Appraisal

Douglas Massey et al
Modes of Immigration Politics in Liberal Democratic States

Gary Freeman
The Next Waves: Migration Theory for a Changing World

Aristide Zolberg
Family and Personal Networks in International Migration: Recent Developments and New Agendas

Monica Boyd
Why Liberal States Accept Unwanted Immigration

Christian Joppke
Europe's Border Relationships and International Migration Relations Old and New

Andrew Geddes
Public Opinion Toward Immigration in the European Union: Does It Matter?

Gallya Lahav
International Migration and Foreign Policy

Christopher Mitchell
International Relations, Domestic Politics and Asylum Admissions in the United States

Idean Salehyan and Marc Rosenblum
Security, Stability and International Migration

Myron Wiener
Security and the Political Economy of International Migration

Christopher Rudolph
The Migration-Development Nexus Evidence and Policy Options State-of-the-Art Overview

Ninna Nyberg-Sørensen , Nicholas Van Hear and Poul Engberg-Pedersen
Shifting Paradigms of Globalization: The Twenty-First Century Transition Towards Generics in Skilled Migration from India

Binod Khadria
Issues and Recent Trends in International Migration in Sub-Saharan Africa

Aderanti Adepoju
Preparing for a Warmer World: Towards a Global Governance System to Protect Climate Refugees

Frank Biermann and Ingrid Boas
Political Violence and the Uprooted in the Horn of Africa: A Study of Refugee Flows from Ethiopia

Assefaw Bariagaber
Refugee or Internally Displaced Person? To Where Should One Flee?

Will Moore and Stephen Shellman
Conceptualizing Simultaneity: A Transnational Social Field Perspective on Society

Peggy Levitt and Nina Glick Schiller
The Escalation of US Immigration Control in the Post-NAFTA Era

Peter Andreas
Liberal Democratic States and Responsibilities to Refugees

Matthew Gibney
Birds of Passage Are Also Women

Mirjana Morokvasic
Borders beyond Control

Jagdish Bhagwati
The Factors That Make and Unmake Migration Policies

Stephen Castles
The Triumph of Instrumental Citizenship? Migrations, Identities and the Nation-State in Southeast Asia

Filomeno Aguilar
Mobilizing International Norms: Domestic Actors, Immigrants and the Japanese State

Amy Gurowitz
Female 'Birds Of Passage' A Decade Later: Gender and Immigration in the European Union

Eleanore Kofman
Aliens and Citizens: The Case for Open Borders

Joseph Carens
Death at the Border: Efficacy and Unintended Consequences of US Immigration Control Policy

Wayne Cornelius
Tampering with Refugee Protection: The Case of Australia

Alice Edwards
Do Migrants Remit Democracy? International Migration, Political Beliefs and Behavior in Mexico

Clarisa Pérez-Armendáriz and David Crow
Immigration Control in Australia

Robert Birrell
US Migration from Latin America: Gendered Patterns and Shifts

Katharine Donato
Clandestine Migration in Europe

Franck D vell
Borders for Whom? The Role of NAFTA in Mexico-US Migration

Patricia Fernández-Kelly and Douglas Massey
The Cumulative Causation of International Migration in Latin America

Elizabeth Fussell
Caribbean Migration to the Mainland: A Review of Adaptive Experiences

John Garcia
A Reappraisal of the State Sovereignty Debate: The Case of Migration Control

Virginie Guiraudon and Gallya Lahav
Globalization, Embedded Realism and Path Dependence: The Other Immigrants to Europe

Randall Hansen
Transnational Migration as a Small Window on the Diminished Autonomy of the Modern Democratic State

Martin Heisler
The Shifting Grounds for Immigration

Michael Piore
Feminization of Labor Migration as Violence Against Women: International, Regional and Local Non-Governmental Organization Responses in Asia

Nicola Piper
Migration and Underdevelopment

A Portes
International Migration

Henry Pratt Fairchild
The Transnational Nexus of Migration

Rosemarie Rogers
Crisis or Adaptation? Migration and Climate Change in a Context of High Mobility

Cecilia Tacoli
Transnationalization in International Migration: Implications for the Study of Citizenship and Culture

Thomas Faist
On International Migration and International Relations

Myron Weiner
Markets against Politics: Migration, EU Enlargement and the Idea of Europe

Adrian Favell and Randall Hansen
Towards a Political Theory of Migrant Transnationalism

Rainer Bauböck
Sending Countries and the Politics of Emigration and Destination

Barbara Schmitter Heisler
Sexual Trafficking in Women: International Political Economy and the Politics of Sex

Andrea Marie Bertone
The Emerging Migration State

James Hollifield
The European Union and the Securitization of Migration

Jef Huysmans
The Myth of Invasion: The Inconvenient Realities of African Migration to Europe

Hein de Haas
The Ethics of Labor Migration Policy

Martin Ruhs and Ha-Joon Chang
No Vacancy: The Political Geography of Immigration Control in Advanced Industrial Countries

Jeanette Money
The Causes of Convergence in Western Immigration Control

Eytan Meyers
Liberal Multiculturalism: Protective and Polyglot

Robert Goodin
Migration Control and Migrant Fatalities at the Spanish-African Borders

Jørgen Carling
Integrating Ideas into Policy-Making Analysis: Frames and Race Policies in Britain and France

Erik Bleich
The Legal-Domestic Sources of Immigrant Rights: The United States, Germany and the European Union

Christian Joppke
European Integration, Public Opinion and Immigration Policy: Testing the Impact of National Identity

Adam Luedtke

Andrew Geddes

Andrew Geddes is Professor of Politics and Co-Director of the Faculty of Social Sciences Migration Research Group at the University of Sheffield. He was awarded a European Research Council Advanced Investigator grant for 2014-19 to analyse the drivers of global migration governance through comparison of Europe, North America, South America and Asia-Pacific. More About Author