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International Human Resource Management

International Human Resource Management

Third Edition
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Written by an international team of experts, this text provides an integrated, research-based perspective on the management of people across borders. It begins by looking at how international human resource management (IHRM) has been conceptualized to date (strategically, comparatively, and organizationally); addresses expatriate management and employment practices; considers current practices, and examines the effects of globalization. A final section reviews how IHRM is addressing current issues such gender and work-life balance, regulation of employment, and social responsibility, sustainability, and diversity.

A password-protected Instructor Teaching Site and an open-access Student Study Site are available for this book.
Ashly H Pinnington
Strategic Management and IHRM
Chris Brewster and Wolfgang Mayrhofer
Comparative Human Resource Management
Laurence Romani
Culture in International Human Resource Management
Vladimir Pucik, Ingmar Bjorkman, Paul Evans and Gunter K Stahl
Human Resource Management in Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions
Approaches to IHRM

Chris Rowley, Irene Hon-fun Poon and Malcolm Warner
B Sebastian Reiche and Anne-Wil Harzing
International Assignments
Damian Grimshaw, Jill Rubery and Phil Almond
Multinational Companies and the Host Country Environment
Tony Edwards
The Transfer of Employment Practices across Borders in Multinational Companies
Margaret Heffernan, Patrick C Flood and Wenchuan Liu
High Performance Work Systems
International Evidence of the Impact on Firms and Employees

Ingmar Bjorkman, Paul Evans and Vladimir Pucik
Managing Knowledge in Multinational Firms
Yaw A Debrah and Christopher J Rees
The Development of Global Leaders and Expatriates
Ying Zhu, Chris Rowley and Malcolm Warner
Global and Local Resourcing
Arup Varma and Pawan S Budhwar
Global Performance Management
Meredith Burnett and Mary Ann Von Glinow
Total Rewards in the International Context
Nancy Adler
Women Leading and Managing Worldwide
Helen De Cieri and Anne Bardoel
Global Work Life Management in Multinational Corporations
Miguel Martinez Lucio and Robert MacKenzie
Regulation and Change in Global Employment Relations
Fang Lee Cooke
Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Diversity of Human Resources


Instructor Site

For lecturers, an Instructor's manual contains the following:

  • Learning objectives: Clear objectives for each chapter help to focus each lecture and tutorial.
  • Chapter outlines: Chapter outlines provide lecturers and tutors with the main points for each chapter.
  • Discussion questions: Questions for seminars and tutorials are given, designed to provoke discussion and raise important issues.
  • Case study questions: Case study questions provide tutors and seminar leaders with the key questions for each case study.
Student Site
For students, the following resources are provided for each chapter:
  • Full text journals articles: Downloadable journal articles provide easy access to further reading, giving students a deeper understanding of each topic.
  • Self-Assessment Questions: Questions for each chapter and exam review.
  • Self-Assessment Answers: Answers to self-assessment questions allow students to check their answers to each questions and find out what areas they need to revise.
  • Links to relevant websites: Direct links to relevant websites for each chapter provided as appropriate.

The features which make the book uniquely helpful to readers are,  an overview of learning objectives, chapter outline, further reading, internet resources, case studies, self-assessment questions and companion website…. It goes to the credit of Harzing and Pinnington that the text at no place appears disjointed, although the book has contributions from a large number of authors. The book has a solid research base. It is very comprehensive with a broad and global coverage and provides a detailed overview of main ways that IHRM has been conceptualised and evolved over the years. It has maintained academic rigour and critical focus that have helped the authors to establish its reputation as the one of the most authoritative texts in international human resources management. This book has been very well received by teachers and students the world over.

The Tribune

A comprehensive book on IHRM but sometimes (too) difficult to understand for our students (as English is L2)

Ms Mara Slootmaker
December 11, 2014

This book is compulsory reading in our modules related to International HRM.
The level and complexity of the language used in some of the chapters seems to be a challenge for some of our students (some chapters are more academic in style than others).
The book is very informative and contains lots of practical examples case studies.

Mrs Annamaria Hoogma
Management, Finance & Recht, INHOLLAND University
February 20, 2014

Pleased to see new and important revisions from the earlier version of the book

Mr William Martin
Lancashire Business School, University of Central Lancashire
September 13, 2013

It will be a core text for my module. Its addresses key areas of my module.

Dr John Opute
Management , London South Bank University
April 4, 2013

A text with a practical approach to teaching international HRM.

Dr John Opute
Management , London South Bank University
April 4, 2013

A practical text for teaching international HRM

Dr John Opute
Management , London South Bank University
April 4, 2013

Good book that I strongly recommended.

Mr Thomas Batsching
International Business, Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University
October 12, 2012

A fundamental text in the appreciation of HRM in an international context

Mr Alan Johnston
York St John Business School, York St John University
June 7, 2012

Some good cases for students to consult in their assignments

Dr Hong Bui
Business School, Bournemouth University
June 1, 2012

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1: Strategic Management and IHRM

Anne-Wil Harzing

Anne-Wil Harzing is Professor of International Management at Middlesex University, London, a Visiting Professor at Tilburg University, and a Fellow of the Academy of International Business. Her research interests include international HRM, expatriate management, HQ–subsidiary relationships, the role of language in international business, and the international research process. She has published more than 120 journal articles and books and book chapters on these topics and has been listed among the top 1% most cited academics in Economics & Business worldwide since 2007. She blogs on all things academia at More About Author

Ashly Pinnington

Professor Ashly Pinnington is the Dean of the Faculty of Business at the British University in Dubai and Professor of Human Resource Management. Professor Pinnington is also an Honorary Fellow at the Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester; and a Visiting Professor, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.  He has worked mainly in the UK, Australia and the UAE, and co-edited and authored books for Sage, McGraw-Hill and Oxford University Press. Professor Pinnington’s current research interests include: Social Responsibility, Ethics and IHRM, Leadership Development, and the Management and... More About Author

Also available as a South Asia Edition.