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International HRM

International HRM
A Cross-Cultural Approach

First Edition

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Human Resource Management

252 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The book takes a cross-cultural approach to the study and practice of human resource management by examining the contributions of different cultures in interaction and discussing academic issues within the context of actual companies and real cultures. Each chapter provides real-life cases together with sample questions that will help readers to draw conclusions from the cases. Each chapter ends with a section on various management implications, together with a section providing useful pointers for students' further research.

International HRM will be recommended reading on courses in international management, international human resource management and cross-cultural management, for advanced undergraduates, postgraduates and MBA students.

Introduction: Beyond Human Resource Management
The Cross-Cultural Organization: The Multicultural Model
The Strategic Organization: The Supranational Model
The Competent Organization: The American Model
The Missionary Organization: The Dutch Model
The Motivating Organization: The Japanese Model
The Learning Organization: The British Model
The Flexible Organization: The European Union Model
The Joint Venture Organization: The Chinese Model with Peter Xu Lu
The Transitioning Organization: The Post-Soviet Model
The Stakeholder Organization: The Post-Colonial Model
Conclusion: The Future Organization

`Most books on IHRM-related topics address issues from the context of the multinational corporation; this book expands that perspective by looking at how different cultures tend to treat HR practices under conditions of globalization and within the domestic context. This book will be one that students and practitioners will want to have in their personal libraries' - Mark Mendenhall, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

`An interesting and original treatment of an increasingly important subject. Students and academics will welcome the extensive use of case material, as well as a geographical coverage that is significantly broader than is found in most other books on this topic' - Professor Paul Blyton, Cardiff Business School

`In today's global economy, understanding the international dimensions of human resource management could not be more important. Terence Jackson brings a clarity of ideas and a creativity that allows readers of his new book, International HRM, both to understand the complexities of global people management and to, in fact, be better managers' - Professor Nancy J Adler, Faculty of Management, McGill University

`In these days of increasing globalization of business, this book is a very valuable and timely addition to the Human Resouce Management literature' - Rabindra N Kanungo, Professor Emeritus, McGill University

A very good source both for broader debates about the nature of globalisation and the international application of specific HR functions

Dr Alhajie Saidy Khan
Lord Ashcroft International Business School, Anglia Ruskin University
February 21, 2014

Some good case study material

Dr Alhajie Saidy Khan
Lord Ashcroft International Business School, Anglia Ruskin University
February 21, 2014

This text will serve a good back up text for International HRM module. The cross cultural focus will provide further insight into International HRM practices.

Dr John Opute
Management , London South Bank University
April 4, 2013

Terence Jackson adresses a very relevant issue in the field of Human Resource Management which is often only put into one short book-chapter. He provides valuable content by using interesting case studies. Even though the geographical coverage is very broad the content is far from being superficial.

Professor Alwine Mohnen
Lehrstuhl fuer Unternehmensfuerung, Technical University of Munich
March 16, 2012

very detailed amd useful to master students

Dr Padmavadee Thanacoody
HRM, Middlesex University
March 11, 2010

Terence Jackson

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