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International Handbook of Cross-Cultural Counseling

International Handbook of Cross-Cultural Counseling
Cultural Assumptions and Practices Worldwide

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July 2009 | 576 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Handbook of International Counseling is an effort to bring together the current practices, values, attitudes and beliefs about counseling from countries around the globe. The editors have selected leading experts in the field of counseling in a wide and culturally representative group of countries hroughout the world.

This book will be the first volume that undertakes such an ambitious goal in the field of counseling.

Anthony Marsella
Lawrence H. Gerstein, P. Paul Heppner, Stefanía Ægisdóttir, Seung Ming Alvin Leung, Kathryn L. Norsworthy
Ch 1. Cross-Cultural Counseling: History, Challenges, and Rationale
P. Paul Heppner, Stefanía Ægisdóttir, Seung Ming Alvin Leung, Changming Duan, Janet E. Helms, Lawrence H. Gerstein, Paul B. Pedersen
Ch 2. The Intersection of Multicultural and Cross Natural Movements in the United States: A Complementary Role to Promote Culturally Counseling Sensitive Research, Training, and Practice
Lawrence H. Gerstein, P. Paul Heppner, Rex Stockton, Frederick T.L Leong, Stefanía Ægisdóttir
Ch 3. The Counseling Profession In- and Outside the United States
Kathryn L. Norsworthy, P. Paul Heppner, Stefanía Ægisdóttir, Lawrence H. Gerstein, Paul B. Pedersen
Ch 4. Exportation of U.S.-Based Models of Counseling and Counseling Psychology: A Critical Analysis
Stefanía Ægisdóttir, Lawrence H. Gerstein, Seung Ming Alvin Leung, Kwong-Liem Karl Kwan, Walter J. Lonner
Ch 5. Theoretical and Methodological Issues When Studying Culture
Seung Ming Alvin Leung, Thomas Clawson, Kathryn L. Norsworthy, Antonio Tena, Andreea Szilagyi, Jennifer Rogers
Ch 6. Internationalization of the Counseling Profession: An Indigenous Perspective
Kathryn L. Norsworthy, Seung Ming Alvin Leung, P. Paul Heppner, Li-fei Wang
Ch 7. Crossing Borders in Collaboration
Li-fei Wang, P. Paul Heppner
Ch 8. Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Developing Cross-Cultural Competencies and Yuan-Fen
Makiko Kasai
Ch 9. The Role of Japanese Culture in Psychological Health: Implications for Counseling and Clinical Psychology
Changdai Kim, Dong Min Kim, Young Seok- Seo, Kay Hyon Kim
Ch 10. Professional Accomplishments and Current Cultural Challenges of Counseling in South Korea
Zhi-Jin Hou, Seung Ming Alvin Leung, Changming Duan
Ch 11. Counseling in China: Fast Moving, But What Is the Destination?
Lifei Wang, Hung Chiao, P. Heppner
Ch 12. A Shifting Professional Development and Identity in Taiwan: Integrating Western Counseling Psychology With the Spirit and Worldview of Taiwanese Culture
Esther Tan
Ch 13. Counseling in a Multicultural Context: A Singapore Example
See Ching Mey, Abdul Halim Othman, Suradi Salim, Md. Che Din
Ch 14. Multicultural Approaches of Healing and Counseling in Malaysia
Kausar Suhail, M. Asmir Ajmal
Ch 15. Counseling in Pakistan: An Eastern Muslim Perspective
Gideon Arulmani
Ch 16. Tradition and Modernity: The Cultural Preparedness Framework for Counselling in India
Elena Molchanova, Elena Kim, Sharon Horne, Gulnara Aitpaeva, Narynbek Ashiraliev, Vladimir Ten, Diana Pohilko
Ch 17. Status of Counseling and Psychology in Kyrgyzstan
Ralph Goldstein
Ch 18. "Blowin' in the Wind": Holding on to Values in the Face of Regulation in Britain
Salvatore Soresi, Laura Nota
Ch 19. Career Counseling: From Placement to Vocational Realization in Italy
Eleanor O'Leary, Eoin O'Shea
Ch 20. "Our Aspirations are our Possibilities": Growth and Features of Counselling Psychology in Ireland
Stefanía Ægisdóttir, Sif Einarsdóttir
Ch 21. In the Crossing Currents of the United States and Scandinavia: Counseling and Psychology in Iceland
Johanna E. Nilsson, Thomas Lindgren
Ch 22. Applied Psychology in Sweden: A Brief Report on Its Role, Ambitions, and Limitations
Valérie Cohen-Scali, Jean Guichard, Jean-Philippe Gaudron
Ch 23: Career Counseling in France: A Growing Practice Among Diverse Professional Groups
Oksana Yakushko, Tanya Razzhavaikina, Sharon Horne
Ch 24. Counseling in Countries Experiencing Political, Cultural, and Economic Transition: The Case of the Former USSR
Georgios Lampropoulos, Anastassios Stalikas
Ch 25. Psychology and Counseling in Greece: Rapid Contemporary Development in the Context of a Glorious Past
Richard A. Young
Ch 26. Counseling in the Canadian Mosaic: A Cultural Perspective
Edward A. Delgado-Romero, Eduardo E. Delgado Pollo, Rubén Ardila, Corey Smetana
Ch 27. After la Violencia: The Psychology Profession in Colombia
Pedro E. Rodriguez, Alcira Teixeira, Emma Mejia
Ch 28. Psychological Counseling in Venezuela: Culture, Change, and Challenges
Susana Verdinelli, Carlos M. Diaz-Lazaro
Ch 29. Psychology in Argentina: In Search of New Paradigms and Professional Identities
Maria-Cristina Cruza-Guet, Arnold R. Spokane, Carlos Leon-Andrade, Teresa Borja
Ch 30. Diversity, Hegemony, Poverty, and the Emergence of Counseling Psychology in Ecuador
Luis Rivas Quiñones
Ch 31. Counseling From the Subversive: The Development of Psychotherapy in Puerto Rico
Anthony V. Naidoo, Ashfar Kagee
Ch 32. The Quest for Relevance: Counseling Psychology in South Africa
Charles Ugwuegbulam, Alicia Homrich, Celestine U.U.U. Kadurumba
Ch 33. Cross-Cultural Counseling in Nigeria
Moshe Israelashvili, Benny Benjamin
Ch 34. Context and Diversity in the Provision of Counseling Services in Israel
Fatima Al-Darmaki, Mohamed Sayed
Ch 35. Counseling Challenges Within the Cultural Context of the United Arab Emirates
Deniz Çinarbas, Fidan Korkut Owen, Ayse Çiftçi
Ch 36. Counseling in Turkey: A Blend of Western Science and Eastern Tradition
Wendy Patton
Ch 37. At the Crossroads: Counseling Psychology in Australia
Lawrence H. Gerstein, P. Paul Heppner, Stefanía Ægisdóttir, Seung Ming Alvin Leung, Kathryn L. Norsworthy
Ch 38. A Global Vision for the Future of Cross-Cultural Counseling: Theory, Collaboration, Research, and Training
About the Editors
About the Authors

"...this handbook helps expand the scope of the field to cultural diversity around the world-and that achievement constitutes its most important contribution to the international profession of counseling psychology."

Dr.Uwe P. Gielen
St. Francis College
International Psychology Bulletin

"I highly recommend the Handbook for courses in international and cross-cultural psychology, courses on multicultural issues in counseling and psychology, and as a text for professional issues courses in counseling and psychology. The Handbook is an excellent resource for counselors, psychologists and other mental health professionals working internationally or at home."

John L. Romano
APA Society of Counseling Psychology Division 17 International Section Newsletter

"Covering the whole world in only 564 pages is a daunting task, even if one is only looking at one slice of that big pie, but Gerstein, Heppner, Ægisdóttir, Leung, and Norsworthy have managed to do this in an interesting and readable way. If the contribution of this important work is to help counselors and psychologists understand that mental health interventions solely focused on the individual may not be effective in a group- or community-oriented culture, it would be an important book. However, International Handbook of Cross-Cultural Counseling does much more, filling an important gap in the counseling literature. Never before in one place have the issues of the role of counseling around the world been addressed in such a comprehensive way."

Mark Pope

"[T]he IHCCC is an essential reference for counseling professionals, providing information on current challenges and the development of the counseling profession in diverse countries worldwide. The IHCCC is expected to serve as a basic resource book facilitating both internationalization and indigenization of the counseling profession."

Younnjung Gong
Gyeongin National University of Education
Journal of Asia Pacific Counseling, 2011, Vol. 1, No. 2, 199-200

This text is an excellent example of counseling around the globe. It presents issues and examples about a variety of cultures.

Ms Marusia Kaweski
Psychology , University of Saskatchewan
April 23, 2010

Lawrence H. Gerstein

Lawrence H. Gerstein earned a B.B.A. in public administration and a Ph.D. in counseling and social psychology. He is a Ball State University George and Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Director of the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, Fulbright Scholar, and a Fellow of the American Psychological Association. Professor Gerstein is a Co-Editor of the Journal for Social Action in Counseling and Psychology and an Editorial Board Member for the Journal of Counseling Psychology. He has published 100+ scholarly articles and three books including the International Handbook of Cross-Cultural Counseling and the Handbook... More About Author

P. Paul Heppner

P. Paul Heppner is a professor of the Department of Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology at the University of Missouri. He is cofounder of the MU Center for Multicultural Research, Training and Consultation and was the inaugural co-chair of the International Section of counseling Psychology. He has served on several national and international editorial boards and as editor of The Counseling Psychologist. More About Author

Stefania Aegisdottir

Stefania Ægisdóttir is an associate professor in the Department of Counseling Psychology and Guidance Services at Ball State University. She has written about cross-cultural research methods, attitudes and expectations about counseling, clinical judgment, and international and cross-cultural issues and competencies in counseling research and training. She recently completed a three-year grant from the Icelandic Research Fund to study psychological help-seeking patterns of Icelanders. More About Author

S. Alvin Leung

Seung-Ming Alvin Leung is a professor in and chairperson of the Department of Educational Psychology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. His major areas of interest include career development and assessment; cross-cultural, multicultural, and international issues in counseling; and counseling in educational settings. He is currently the editor of Asian Journal of Counselling and previously served as associate editor of The Counseling Psychologist. More About Author

Kathryn L. Norsworthy

Kathryn Louise Norsworthy is currently a Professor, Cornell Distinguished Scholar from 2005 at Rollins College. Previously, she was the Department Chair in the Graduate Studies in Counseling. She has taught a range of graduate courses in counseling programs from a multicultural feminist and diversity perspective. She had developed on-campus counseling clinic and practicing structure and has supervised practicum student. She is a consultant on a joint international project between the World Health Organization and National Board of Certified Counselors in developing culture-centered mental health delivery systems and training curricula in... More About Author

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