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International Business

International Business
Theory and Practice

First Edition
  • Ehud Menipaz - Chairman, The Ira Centre for Business, Ben Gurion University, Israel
  • Amit Menipaz - Vice President, Structured Data, ebay
  • Shiv S Tripathi - Assistant Professor, Strategic Management, Management Development Institute, Gurgaon
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July 2017 | 600 pages | SAGE Texts

International Business: Theory and Practice provides a broad overview of the multidimensional aspects of international business by using examples and cases from around the world. It gives a comprehensive coverage and in-depth analysis of the fundamental challenges and emerging trends of international business practices in contemporary times.

This Indian edition has been carefully adapted to suit the needs of the students of business management and related disciplines in South Asian countries. Spread over 16 chapters, it unfolds the complex issues facing multinational, international, small, and medium-sized enterprises seeking to enter, manage, and compete across global markets.

Key Features:

· Inclusion of concepts of cultural quotient, types of strategic alliances, global value chain, and more

· Introduction of corporate governance practices in international financial reporting and focus on CSR and sustainability

· New material on harmonized coding system and export documentation, IFRS, GST, and discussion on global financial institutions such as IMF, World Bank Group, and WTO

· Introduction of various models on international business strategy including parent–subsidiary relationships

· Thorough revision of the “country focus” feature, besides major updates in tables and figures throughout the text


Preface to the Indian Adaptation
Guided Tour
Features to the New Edition
Part 1: Introduction to International Business Environment
Global Business in the 21st Century
Corporate Citizenship, Social Responsibility, and Ethics
Part 2: International Business Environment
Cultural Context of International Business
Political and Legal Environments of International Business
Economic Systems and International
Part 3: International Trade, Investment, and Regional Integration
Foreign Direct Investment
International Trade, Investment, and Regional Integration
The Global Financial System
Part 4: International Business Strategy
International and Global Strategy
Global Alliances: Joint Ventures and Merges and Acquisitions
Part 5: International Business Management
Global Technology Management
Global Human Resources
International Financial Management
Global Operations and Supply Chain Management
Global Marketing, Sales, and Support
International Accounting and Taxation

Ehud Menipaz

Ehud Menipaz, currently a visiting scholar at the Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University, is the Solomon & Abraham Krok Chaired Professor of Entrepreneurial Management and the Founding Chair of the Ira Center for Business, Technology & Society at Ben Gurion University, Israel. He is a former senior partner with Ernst & Young International, engaged with assignments in the private and public sectors. Menipaz specializes in international business management and functional derivatives. He holds a BSc in industrial engineering and management, an MSc in operations research, an MBA in finance, and a PhD in management... More About Author

Amit Menipaz

Amit Menipaz, currently Vice President, Structured Data, eBay, has spent over 20 years as an Entrepreneur, Consultant, Strategy & Product Manager, Country Manager, and Corporate Executive for technology companies across North America, Western Europe, China, and Israel in the fields of web content management, telecommunications, consumer electronics, eCommerce, and big data. At eBay he led innovations in social commerce, mobile selling, online stores, and big data analytics. Menipaz currently leads eBay’s structured data vision, strategy and teams, builds the world’s most comprehensive inventory graph of everything that can be bought or... More About Author

Shiv S Tripathi

Shiv S Tripathi, is working as an Assistant Professor in the area of Strategic Management at Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, where he teaches international business, an innovation strategy in emerging markets. He holds a Masters degree in business administration from Deen Dayal Upadhyay (DDU) Gorakhpur University and PhD degree in the area of innovation in large organizations from Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur. He has a total of more than 13 years of work experience in the industry and academia. He has worked for Exide Industries Limited and Century Plyboards India Limited in the area of sales and marketing. He has... More About Author

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