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International and Cross-Cultural Management Research

International and Cross-Cultural Management Research

September 1998 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Written for students and others wishing to do international and cross-cultural research in business and management, this book provides an accessible introduction to the major principles and practices.

A cross-cultural perspective has become vital to most contemporary management research. The increasingly global business environment has led to both a greater practical need for international management research and a questioning of whether management science follows universal rules.

This book addresses the particular characteristics of international management research, including the important role of culture. A key introduction provides a comprehensive overview of the background, major issues and different approaches to international management research. The second chapter offers a typology of research designs in international management, and shows the role culture plays in such designs. The theories and paradigms that serve international and cross-cultural management research are examined in the third chapter. Chapter four examines and defines culture, its process and components. The final chapter pulls the describing arguments together to show how the construct of culture can be used in international management research. Throughout, the author provides numerous illustrative examples from key empirical studies.

The Role of Language and Intellectual Styles in Cross-Cultural Comparisons
Design and Implementation of Cross-Cultural Research in Management
Methodological Issues in Cross-Cultural Management Research
Strategies for Improving the Relevance of Cross-Cultural Research in Management

`An excellent account of the current state of the art and makes an important contribution to the theoretical and methodological development of the area as a whole' - Journal of Marketing Management

`This book addresses the particular characteristics of international management research, including the role of culture. The book also offers a typology of research designs in international management and shows the role culture plays in such designs' - Business Line

I recommend this book for making cross-cultural essay, experiment or submission. My students are really delighted with this book, because it can give you clear tool about implementation of cross-cultural studies. I ordered books for our library.

Mr Gábor Réthi
Institute of Management Science, Miskolc University
January 19, 2013

This textbook has a comprehensive approach to international and cross-cultural management. It proves to be a very good resource for researchers, organisations and students.

Miss Ngozi Onyejeli
Business School, Middlesex University
January 18, 2011

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Jean-Claude Usunier

Jean-Claude Usunier is a professor at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, in the Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC). His research interests are cross-cultural consumer behaviour, and cultural and linguistic aspects of international marketing and management. He serves on the editorial board of several international business and marketing journals. His research was published in International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Research in Personality, Time and Society, Journal of International Marketing, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Journal of Business Communication, International Marketing Review, and... More About Author

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