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International Advertising

International Advertising
Realities and Myths

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July 2012 | 424 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In this comprehensive handbook of theory and practice of international advertising, the subjects are not treated in isolation, but rather linked to overall trends in business globalization.

The contributors, representing academics and professionals from ten different countries, examine all aspects of international advertisng, from broad concepts and issues, developments in specific countries, and cutting-edge techniques developed outside of the United States. The result is a single `knowledge-bank' of theory and practice for advertising students and professionals.

John Philip Jones
The Vicissitudes of International Advertising  
International Advertising Developments Ashish Banerjee
Roderick White
International Advertising
How Far Can It Fly?  
Jeremy Bullmore
Alice in Disneyland
A Creative View of International Advertising  
Harold F Clark Jr
Brand and Consumer Values in Global Marketing
Marieke de Mooij
Mapping Cultural Values for Global Marketing and Advertising
Rena Bartos
Women as an Advertising Target
An International Overview  
Rosemary Ford and Adam Phillips
Media May Be Global - But Is Youth?
John Philip Jones
Rational Arguments and Emotional Envelopes
American and British Advertising Compared  
Thorolf Helgesen
The Power of Advertising, Myths and Realities
Evidence from Norway  
Jonathan Brand
Print Advertising - and How an American Creative Man Learned to Operate in an International Environment
Ludmilla Gricenko Wells
The Emergence of Advertising in Russia
Paul Gaskin
A Western or Eastern Advertising Market?  
Jill Powell
The Emperor's New Clothes
A View from Australia on the Creative Process  
John Philip Jones
The Advertising Agency Scene  
Michael Ewing
The Asian Pacific Tigers
John Philip Jones
Is India an Asian Tiger?
Hong Cheng
Advertising Yesterday and Today  
Colin McDonald
How Single-Source Research First Developed
Thorolf Helgesen and Morten Micalsen
Short-Term Advertising Strength (STAS)
New Empirical Evidence from Norway  
Laurent Battais and Laurent Spitzer
The Effectiveness of Television Advertising in France
David Wheeler
Test Marketing - and Some Notes on Iceland, a Totally Isolated Marketing Environment
Roger M Brookin
Modelling the Marketing Process
Innovation from Japan  
Rolf Speetzen
Media Synergy
Evidence from Germany  
Adrian Weser
What Do We Know of Mixed Media Effects?
More Evidence from Germany  
Erik Du Plessis
Advertising Likability
A View from South Africa  
Chris Baker
Pioneer Work on Advertising Evaluation
The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) Advertising Effectiveness Awards  

The depth, breath and relevance of the work presented make the book exceptionally unique and exciting to read.

Dr Mesfin Habtom
Marketing and Communications, London Metropolitan Uni (City Campus)
March 4, 2015

The depth, breath and relevance of the work presented make the book exceptionally unique and exciting to read.

Dr Mesfin Habtom
Marketing and Communications, London Metropolitan Uni (City Campus)
March 4, 2015

This book is a must for lecturers teaching global advertising as it covers different concepts and analyzes important aspects of global advertising.
Ahmed Al-Rawi, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Dr Ahmed Al-Rawi
Department of Media and Culture, Erasmus University Rotterdam
October 9, 2012

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John Philip Jones

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