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Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication
Building a Global Community

First Edition

May 2011 | 224 pages | SAGE India

Competence in communicating across cultures is a prerequisite for success in today's fast-changing global community. In Intercultural Communication, the authors draw on their deep intercultural experience to show us how to build successful communication bridges across diverse cultures.

The book explores various theoretical positions on global communication ethics and norms by providing an overview of the contemporary socio-cultural situation and seeking ways in which common ground may be found between these different positions.

The authors raise points of critical reflection on intercultural events and issues in various areas of communication including health, work, environment and education. The book also covers a range of issues, from the interactions of various cultures to the expansion of social organizations and the growing global infrastructure.

By integrating 'glocal' perspectives in intercultural communication, the book addresses the long-term strategy of developing a global community without sacrificing indigenous local values.

Foreword Frank Sligo
Building a Global Community

Fay Patel, Mingsheng Li and Prahalad Sooknanan
Overview of Intercultural Communication

Mingsheng Li and Fay Patel
Exploring Surface and Deep Levels of Intercultural Communication

Fay Patel
Global Community Engagement

Fay Patel and Prahalad Sooknanan
Education for the Global Citizen

Mingsheng Li
Intercultural Communication in the Global Workplace

Prahalad Sooknanan
Cultural Perceptions on Environment and Global Contexts

Mingsheng Li and Fay Patel
Technology as Cultural Power and its Social Impact

Fay Patel
Critical Issues in Intercultural Communication

Fay Patel, Mingsheng Li and Prahalad Sooknanan
Intercultural Communication in Practice: Challenges and Barriers

Mingsheng Li , Prahalad Sooknanan and Fay Patel

Fay Patel, Mingsheng Li and Prahalad Sooknanan

Fay Patel, Mingsheng Li and Prahalad Sooknanan

Fay Patel, Mingsheng Li and Prahalad Sooknanan
Culture, Gender and Race

Fay Patel, Mingsheng Li and Prahalad Sooknanan

Good book and the chapter on Education for the Global citizen particularly useful for my module.

Mrs Jennifer Marshall
School of Education, Derby University
November 16, 2012

Teaching International Communication COMM 4090
Wonderful book for upperdivision class with undergraduates, particularly with a small class. Challenging and useful for students interested and those who have less background information because it brings up issues not commonly discussed in international/intercultural classes among my students. This class started in January of 2012.

Dr Lynda Dixon
Interpersonal Comm Dept, Bowling Green State University
April 11, 2012

Fay Patel

Dr Fay Patel is a lecturer in Higher Education and academic developer at the Centre for University Teaching. Fay received her doctoral degree in mass communication and communication studies at Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA. She is involved in a number of regional and local higher education projects in curriculum development and assessment, leadership in higher education, internationalization of the curriculum and cultural diversity. Fay has over 25 years of experience as a professor, researcher, academic developer, programme and project coordinator, and leader in higher education in five countries (Australia, New Zealand,... More About Author

Mingsheng Li

Dr Mingsheng Li is a Senior Lecturer in intercultural communication and business communication at the College of Business, Massey University, New Zealand. His doctorate is in the areas of intercultural communication and English language teaching. Prior to his arrival in Australia in 1995, he was an Associate Professor in English language and literature. He was Vice Dean and Acting Dean of Foreign Language School, Yunnan Normal University, China, for over four years. His current research interests relate to international education, migrant studies and teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). More About Author

Prahalad Sooknanan

Dr Prahalad Sooknanan is an Associate Professor at the University of Trinidad and Tobago where he is responsible for the basic communication course. He also teaches at the Arthur Lok Jack, the Graduate School of Business, University of the West Indies, where he teaches the core course in communications to students in the Executive MBA programme. More recently, he has been serving as the local tutor in Trinidad and Tobago for the MA degree in Mass Communication for the University of Leicester’s distance education programme. Dr Sooknanan formerly served as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Toledo and Assistant Professor at... More About Author

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