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Intercultural Communication Training

Intercultural Communication Training
An Introduction

232 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This unique handbook provides an organizational framework for planning and establishing intercultural communication training programmes. Drawing from intercultural communication and cross-cultural training, this guide emphasizes those aspects of training that explicitly involve face-to-face communication. The approaches covered apply to any situation where good personal relations and effective communication need to be established with people from different cultural backgrounds.
An Introduction to Programs, Goals, and Needs Assessment for Training
An Introduction to Programs, Goals, and Needs Assessment for Training
Awareness and Knowledge as Content Areas for Intercultural Communication Training
Emotional Challenges
Acquiring Intercultural Communication Skills
Putting the Elements Together
Designing and Administering an Effective Intercultural Training Program

The Evaluation of Training Programs
Issues Affecting the Future of Intercultural Training

Richard W. Brislin

Richard Breslin's current research focuses on mentoring, cross-cultural training materials and the experiences of business people on overseas assignments. Brislin reviews submissions for over ten professional journals and five major textbook publishers. He develops materials for use in cross-cultural training programs and is the author of a text in cross-cultural psychology. One of his books, "The Art of Getting Things Done: A Practical Guide to the Use of Power," was a Book of the Month Club selection in 1992. His most recent publication is Intercultural Interactions: A Practical Guide," published by SAGE Publications. More About Author

Tomoko Yoshida

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