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Intellectual Property Rights and Communications in Asia

Intellectual Property Rights and Communications in Asia
Conflicting Traditions

First Edition
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July 2006 | 264 pages | SAGE India
This volume explores the contested nature of the ownership of knowledge and access to it in Asia. It offers insights into solving some of the key issues related to intellectual property (IP) and communication in the contemporary world.

With the ownership of IP becoming a core feature of media/information industries and state policy, issues related to access to knowledge and its use have become a matter of critical concern. While trade regimes, the state and the core cultural and information industries have begun to advocate greater scope for a variety of knowledge enclosures, civil society is increasingly arguing for a people-centered vision of knowledge futures. This vision includes the need for equity-based and flexible licensing regimes; the legitimacy of local solutions to IP related issues; support for cultural diversity; and access to knowledge based on need rather than the ability to pay for knowledge.

This book explores these important issues, supported by case studies from the Asian region. It presents an extensive picture of a dynamic and complex process that reveals some of the dilemmas of the digital age.

Pradip Thomas and Jan Servaes
Roberto Verzola
The Emerging Information Economy
An Overview

Stephen D McDowell and Moonki Hong
United States' Trade Policy and the Reshaping of Intellectual Property Rights Protection in the APEC Region
Sara Bannerman
Copyright and the Global Good? An Examination of `the Public Interest' in International Copyright Regimes
Daya Shanker
Copyright, Competition Policy and Prevention of Monopolistic Abuses in the TRIPS Agreement
Levi Obijiofor
Indigenous Knowledge in the Age of New Technologies
Whose Knowledge?

Kamal Puri
Indigenous Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights
The Interface

Lucy Montgomery and Michael Keane
Learning to Love the Market
Copyright, Culture and China

Yonghua Zhang
China's Efforts for International Cooperation in Copyright Protection
Binod C Agrawal
Culture, Communication and the Meaning of Intellectual Property Rights in South Asia
A Critical Analysis

Pradip Thomas
Uncommon Futures
Interpreting IP Contestations in India

Rhonda Breit
Australian Sport, Property Rights and the Emerging Information Monopoly
Brian Fitzgerald
Creative Commons
Accessing, Negotiating and Remixing Online Content

Terry Flew, Greg Hearn and Susanna Leisten
Alternative Intellectual Property Regimes in the Global Creative Economy
Pradip Thomas and Jan Servaes
IPR and Communications
Markets, Communities and the Public Domain


The editors have to be given full credit for putting together such analytical and informative essays on a subject that is of immense relevance to the economic wars that are raging in the world today.

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Pradip Thomas

Jan Servaes

Jan Servaes (Ph.D., 1987, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium) is Professor and Chair of the Department of Communication at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (USA), Editor-in-Chief of Communication for Development and Social Change: A Global Journal (Hampton Press), Associate Editor of Telematics and Informatics: An International Journal on Telecommunications and Internet Technology (Elsevier), Editor of the Southbound Book Series Communication for Development and Social Change, and Editor of the Hampton Book Series Communication, Globalization and Cultural Identity. He chaired the Scientific Committee for the World Congress... More About Author

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