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Inquire Within

Inquire Within
Implementing Inquiry-Based Science Standards

Second Edition

November 2013 | 312 pages | SAGE AdvantEDGE

Nurture the power of students' curiosity and improve achievement in science!

In this second edition, science educator Douglas Llewellyn combines clear-cut insights with practical suggestions for developing teaching competencies and strategies to implement inquiry-based instruction—a teaching strategy strongly endorsed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the National Research Council, and the National Science Teachers Association.

Aligned with NSES standards and written for educators seeking to cultivate learners' sense of discovery and critical thinking skills, Inquire Within, Second Edition, focuses on showing teachers how to implement inquiry activities using the three "R's"—restructuring, retooling, and reculturing. The author provides examples that match common curricular objectives and demonstrates how teachers can modify current lesson plans rather than creating new ones.

Offering ready-to-use inquiry lessons and teacher-friendly materials for students in grades 3–8, this edition’s updates include:

 - Three aspects of inquiry—promoting content knowledge, science process skills, and positive attitudes or dispositions
- A new chapter of suggested investigations with teacher notes
 - Strategies for using inquiry methods with English Language Learners and special education students
 - Activities that incorporate technology

This comprehensive guide is an invaluable resource for practitioners at every level—including elementary and middle school science teachers, principals, science teacher leaders and specialists, staff development planners, curriculum supervisors, and college professors.

Becoming an Inquiry Teacher
What is Inquiry?
Learning Through Inquiry
How Do Children Learn Science?
Creating a Culture of Inquiry
What are the Different Levels of Inquiry?
Designing Investigations
What is the Learning Cycle?
Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes of Inquiry-Based Teachers
Using Questioning Skills in Inquiry
Inquiry Investigations

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Douglas J. Llewellyn

Douglas Llewellyn teaches science education courses at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY. Previously, he was the K-12 Director of Science at the Rochester City School District, a secondary school principal, and a middle school science teacher. Llewellyn is a frequent speaker at state and national conferences on inquiry- and argument-based teaching, constructivist learning, and science leadership. More About Author


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