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Innovative Forms of Organizing

Innovative Forms of Organizing
International Perspectives

First Edition
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412 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book presents novel theoretical ideas and empirical findings where the fields of strategizing and organizing meet. At this boundary lie many of the most crucial theoretical and practical issues for management and managing.

Innovative Forms of Organizing, the eagerly awaited sequel to The Innovating Organization (SAGE, 2000), draws upon the comprehensive data sets of the INFORM programme of research, to examine the development of innovative forms of organizing and company performance in organizations across Europe, Japan and the United States.

Innovative Forms of Organizing establishes and develops three strong themes: organizing and strategizing; complementarities, change and performance; and the management of dualities in the modern corporation. The book then discusses the implications of its presented ideas for strategizing/organizing in the 21st century firm and the challenges for management researchers of conducting large scale, international comparative research. Innovative Forms of Organizing thereby illustrates 21st Century management research in 21st Century organizations across Europe, Japan and the USA.

This seminal international study will be a classic in the field for years to come for scholars and policy makers in academia, business and government who are interested in strategy, organization and international management.

Andrew M Pettigrew and Silvia Massini
Innovative Forms of Organizing
Trends in Europe, Japan and the USA in the 1990s

Richard Whittington and Leif Melin
The Challenge of Organizing/Strategizing
Leona Achtenhagen, Leif Melin, Tomas M[um]ullern and Thomas Ericson
The Role of Interactive Strategizing

Leona Achtenhagen, Leif Melin and Tomas M[um]ullern
Learning and Continuous Change in Innovating Organizations
Marjolijn S Dijksterhuis, Frans A J van den Bosch and Henk W Volberta
A Cognitive Perspective on Strategizing/Organizing
Richard Whittington and Andrew M Pettigrew
Complementarities Thinking
Silvia Massini and Andrew M Pettigrew
Complementarities in Organizational Innovation and Performance
Evidence from the INNFORM Survey

Andrew M Pettigrew and Richard Whittington
Complementarities in Action
Organizational Change and Performance in BP and Unilever 1985-2002

Evelyn M Fenton and Andrew M Pettigrew
Complementary Change
Towards Global Integration in Four Professional Service Organizations

Carlos J Sánchez-Runde and Andrew M Pettigrew
Managing Dualities
Carlos J Sánchez-Runde, Silvia Massini and Javier Quintanilla
People Management Dualities
Arie Y Lewin, Silvia Massini, Winfried Ruigrok and Tsuyoshi Numagami
Convergence and Divergence of Organizing
Moderating Effect of Nation State

Leona Achtenhagen and Leif Melin
Innovative Forms of Organizing
Managing the Homogeneity-Heterogeneity Duality

Andrew M Pettigrew
Innovative Forms of Organizing
Progress Performance and Process

Andrew M Pettigrew
Co-Producing Knowledge and the Challenges of International Collaborative Research

Andrew M Pettigrew

Andrew Pettigrew is Professor of Strategy and Organisation at the Saïd Business School and Senior Golding Fellow at Brasenose College, both at the University of Oxford. He is a leading expert on strategy and change in both the public and private sectors. He launched his career with a highly-regarded ten-year study of chemical company ICI, connecting economic business research with a broader sociological approach. He has revolutionised the study of organisational development by combining historical, political and social contextual information with statistical and quantitative data.... More About Author

Richard Whittington

Leif Melin

Leif Melin, PhD, is Professor of Strategy and Organisation and the Hamrin Professor of Family Business Strategy at Jönköping International Business School (JIBS). He is the founding and past Director of  Center for Family Enterprise and Ownership (CeFEO). He has served as Dean and Managing Director for JIBS. He was a founding researcher of the STEP project ( Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Practices) and has served as member for the Global STEP Project Board. In 2012, he was honored with the International award at the 26th anniversary conference of the Family Firm Institute, and he was also selected as a Family Owned Business... More About Author

Carlos Sanchez-Runde

Carlos J. Sanchez-Runde is professor and director in the Department of Managing People in Organizations. His areas of specialization include cross-cultural management, strategic human resource management, compensation and pay policies, and cooperative labor-management relations. He has held teaching and research appointments in the US, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico and Peru.... More About Author

Frans A J van den Bosch

Frans Van Den Bosch is a professor of management interfaces between organisations and environment at the Department of Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM). More About Author

Winfried Ruigrok

Prof. Dr. Winfried Ruigrok (NL) is the Dean of the Executive School of Management, Technology & Law at the University of St.Gallen. He joined the university as a Professor of International Management in 1996 and has been the Director of the Research Institute for International Management (FIM-HSG). His research focuses on international restructuring strategies and performance implications, the internationalisation of top management teams and boards, multicultural management, and corporate governance. His papers have been published in leading scholarly and popular outlets, incl. Strategic Management Journal, Organizational Research Methods,... More About Author

Tsuyoshi Numagami

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