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  • L. David Ritchie - Portland State University, USA, University of Puget Sound, USA, University of Wisconsin, USA, Stanford University, USA

Volume: 2

75 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This volume thoroughly covers the sub-field of information, and is one of the first in a series which synthesizes the research literature on major concepts in the field of communication. Each concise volume includes a research definition (concept explication) and presents a state-of-the-art analysis of theory and empirical findings related to the concept.

After defining the word `information', the author contrasts non-linear and reflexive ideas about human communication with linear perspectives. Information is equated with uncertainty. The result presents a pattern for the process of conceptualizing and reconceptualizing information in the context of evolving communication theories.

Information in Communication Science
Signal Transmission and Interpretation

Measuring the Variety of a Set
How Structure Affects Variety

Structure and Relevance
Distinctions and Connections


L . David Ritchie

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