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Information Campaigns

Information Campaigns
Balancing Social Values and Social Change

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Volume: 18
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Mass Communication

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Working from the premises that information campaigns and social marketing efforts represent attempts at planned social change and that it is insufficient to examine inherently social phenomena in a social vacuum, the contributors to this volume provide a social context for examining these domains. Interdisciplinary in approach, this volume represents a merging of the traditions of marketing and strategic communication.

The first section, Campaigns and Social Structure, pays particular attention to the social context in which campaigns are designed, implemented and analyzed. Each chapter addresses a set of concerns campaign organizers face and, as a whole, illustrate the broad range of social concerns which campaigns address. The second section, The Campaign Process, addresses more tactical concerns pertaining to the underlying components of campaigns, namely audience research, planning, organization and implementation and evaluation. The eclectic treatment of campaigns serves to enhance the development of both the theory for and the theory of campaigns and imparts a broad understanding of the field for students and professionals in communication, political science and areas of related interest.

Charles T Salmon
Campaigns for Social Improvement
An Overview of Values, Rationales, and Impacts

John R Finnegan Jr, Neil Bracht and K Viswanath
Community Power and Leadership Analysis in Lifestyle Campaigns
Jane D Brown, Cynthia S Waszak and Kim Walsh Childers
Family Planning, Abortion and AIDS
Sexuality and Communication Campaigns

Robert Hornik
The Knowledge-Behavior Gap in Public Information Campaigns
A Development Communication View

Clarice N Olien, Phillip J Tichenor and George A Donohue
Media Coverage and Social Movements
Lana F Rakow
Information and Power
Toward a Critical Theory of Information Campaigns

Richard W Pollay
Campaigns, Change and Culture
On the Polluting Potential of Persuasion

James E Grunig
Publics, Audiences and Market Segments
Segmentation Principles for Campaigns

Patricia G Devine and Edward R Hirt
Message Strategies for Information Campaigns
A Social Psychological Analysis

Garrett J O'Keefe
Strategies and Tactics in Political Campaigns
Steven H Chaffee, Connie Roser and June Flora
Estimating the Magnitude of Threats to Validity of Information Campaign Effects

Charles T. Salmon