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Industrial Relations

Industrial Relations
Towards A Theory of Negotiated Connectedness

First Edition
  • Jerome Joseph - Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India

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February 2004 | 300 pages | SAGE Response
The world we live in today is characterized by social and human disconnectedness even as we celebrate the relentless onward march of the marvels of technoconnectivity. It is in this context that this book attempts to examine industrial relations in a liberalizing, deregulated, globalizing environment through the prism of the "connectedness" frame of reference. The basic thrust of this approach is that industrial relations needs to be reexamined from the perspective of "connectedness" and that this approach has the potency to restore meaning to the study as well as practice of industrial relations.

Examining the current scenario in industrial relations the book discusses some critical issues such as:

§ human and social connectedness, which enrich communities and workplaces is decreasing in today's organizational set-up

§ the "connectedness" frame of reference can provide organizations with the conceptual tool to give direction to human resources development.

§ whatever the size of the organization, organizational brand equity also gets determined by employee perceptions and sentiment about the organization.

This unusual book is a departure from the usual theory and perspective available on the subject. The books points to some important factors that are influencing industrial relations today and makes valuable suggestions for the state of things to come. It's thoughtful and insightful interpretation of the current situation will be invaluable to students, academicians, researchers and senior management in business.

Contextual Dynamics and Industrial Relations Connectedness
Connectedness and Conceptual Frames of References
Utilitarian Connectedness
Alienated Connectedness
Antagonistic Connectedness
Normative Connectedness
Coercive Connectedness
Mindset Patterns and Interpretative Connectedness
Dynamics of Workplace Connectedness
Industrial Relations as Connectedness

Jerome Joseph

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