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India's Communication Revolution

India's Communication Revolution
From Bullock Carts to Cyber Marts

First Edition

November 2000 | 300 pages | SAGE India
This very readable book describes the recent social changes in Indian society, resulting from the various applications of new communication technologies. The authors discuss the various processes at work in the country both at the governmental level and in private enterprise, the rapid technological developments and their impact on Indian society, the growth of software technology parks, the internet revolution, and the lessons learned so far. They also highlight the role played by the pioneers, visionaries and innovators.
India's Communication Revolution
The Public Broadcasting Revolution
The Private Television Revolution
Rising Technopolises
The Telecommunications Revolution
The Computer and Internet Revolution
Lessons Learned about Informatization
Glossary of Concepts

Arvind M. Singhal

Dr. Arvind Singhal ( is the Samuel Shirley and Edna Holt Marston Endowed Professor of Communication and Director of the Social Justice Initiative in UTEP’s Department of Communication.  He is also appointed, since 2009-2010, as the William J. Clinton Distinguished Fellow at the Clinton School of Public Service, Little Rock, Arkansas.  Singhal teaches and conducts research in the diffusion of innovations, the positive deviance approach, organizing for social change, the entertainment-education strategy, and liberating interactional structures.  His research and outreach spans sectors such as health,... More About Author

Everett M. Rogers

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