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Indian Identity Narratives and the Politics of Security

Indian Identity Narratives and the Politics of Security

First Edition

September 2010 | 332 pages | SAGE India

This book provides a fresh insight into the role of identity in international and national relations and policy. It analyzes identity conceptions and state behavior, arguing that identities (seen in terms of self/other relations) constitute a crucial element of state interest, both in terms of end goals and strategies. It discusses the effects of secular and religious-cultural understanding of identity on domestic and foreign affairs.

The book presents a discourse on national identity in India, the events from 1990-2003, and how these have influenced the engagement of India with others, especially with Pakistan and China. In this process, it reveals several surprising insights, along with the challenges that confront the country.


Identity and the Politics of Security

National Identity Narratives in India: Religious-cultural and secular

National Identity Narratives and the Politics of Securing Jammu and Kashmir

Pakistan: Significant Patterns in Relations with the Most Important External 'Other'

Relations with China: 'Hindi Chini Bhai-Bhai'?

Conclusion: Identity Matters, But …




This study on the making of foreign policy is both ground-breaking and thought-provoking… the study focuses on some very vital areas in India’s contemporary foreign policy formulation and practice and should be of paramount interest to policy and decision-makers everywhere, besides recommending itself as compulsory reading to the student of IR as well as to knowledge-hungry laymen….This book could be described as raising very relevant issues which could expand the frontiers of foreign policy thinking. It is a most timely contribution to the study of foreign policy.

The Island Online

The study contributes to our understanding of the relationship between Indian identity and foreign security policy. The book is meant for the elite experts of international relations and comparative political analysis.

The Tribune

Gitika Commuri

Gitika Commuri is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science, California State University Bakersfield, USA and has a Ph.D. in International Relations from the University of Southern California. Her research interests include international relations, international political economy and comparative political analysis. Her paper ‘The Relevance of National Identity Narratives in Shaping Foreign Policy: The Case of India–Pakistan Relations’ was recently published in Journal of South Asian Development (2009). She has regularly presented papers at International Studies Association Conventions in San Francisco. More About Author

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