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Indian Administration

Indian Administration
Evolution and Practice

First Edition
  • Bidyut Chakrabarty - Vice Chancellor, Visva Bhararti University, Santiniketan, West Bengal
  • Prakash Chand - Faculty, Dyal Singh Evening College, University of Delhi
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May 2016 | 380 pages | SAGE Texts

This textbook acquaints the readers with the evolution of Indian administration through contextual analysis of the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject.

Indian Administration: Evolution and Practice addresses the new issues and challenges in the field of public administration in India through critical analysis of its growth and development since Independence. Instead of focusing only on the institutional characteristics of the Indian administrative system, it highlights the key issues from a historical perspective. This will enable the readers to grasp the ideological and theoretical dynamics of the field of study and practice.

Key Features

• Adopts a critical and multi-disciplinary approach in discussing the traditional and emerging issues of the Indian administration

• Focuses on the processes of administration with reference to their constitutional provisions as well as socio-economic and political contexts

• Provides thorough insight into the new challenges and upcoming issues affecting the Indian administrative system

• Useful study for the students of Indian universities and state and central civil service aspirants

Evolution of Indian Administration
Philosophical and Constitutional Framework of Indian Administration
Structure of Central Administration
State Administration
District Administration
Local Governance in India: Rural and Urban
Civil Services in India
Administrative Reforms in India
Public Policy in India
Planning and Economic Development in India
Financial Management in India
Citizens and Administration in India
Social Welfare Administration in India
Environmental Management in India
Major Issues in Indian Administration
Part I – Conceptual Issues
Part II – Empirical Issues

Bidyut Chakrabarty

Bidyut Chakrabarty is Vice-Chancellor, Visva Bharati, West Bengal. He was Professor in the Department of Political Science in University of Delhi till November 2018. He completed his PhD from London School of Economics and has been associated with teaching and research for more than three decades. He has taught in several prestigious educational institutions, such as the London School of Economics; Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta; Monash University, Australia; National University of Singapore; Hamburg University, Germany. Professor Chakrabarty has authored several textbooks and academic books. Among his publications are... More About Author

Prakash Chand Kandpal

Prakash Chand Kandpal is currently a faculty at the Department of Political Science, Dyal Singh Evening College, University of Delhi. He holds a PhD from the University of Delhi. He has been awarded a doctoral fellowship by ICSSR and a postdoctoral research award by UGC. He has coauthored four books with Professor Bidyut Chakrabarty: Public Administration in a Globalizing World (SAGE, 2012), Indian Administration: Evolution and Practice (SAGE, 2016), Public Policy: Concept, Theory and Practice (SAGE, 2016) and Public Administration: From Government to Governance (2017). His research papers have appeared in... More About Author

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