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Inclusive Practices

Inclusive Practices

Published in Association with TASH

Andrea Ruppar University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Jennifer A. Kurth University of Kansas, USA

eISSN: 27324745 | ISSN: 27324745 Frequency: Quarterly
Inclusive Practices is a quarterly online journal published by TASH that addresses research-to-practice considerations relating to or relevant for persons with significant support needs across the lifespan. Inclusive Practices publishes articles that provide tips and strategies for practitioners, families, and self-advocates; current issues; and insights from practitioners, families, and self-advocates. Generally, each issue of Inclusive Practices will include four feature articles, one Leading Edge article, and one Perspective article.

Inclusive Practices is a practitioner-focused, research-to-practice journal designed to advance the TASH mission of equity, opportunity, and inclusion, for people with significant support needs. Significant support needs refers to 1-2% of people with extensive and pervasive support needs across domains. Historically, this group has been characterized as having “severe” disabilities. Articles in Inclusive Practices should target research-based strategies and how they may translate into practice. Topics must be of importance to practitioners working in the field of significant support needs (e.g., inclusion in the community, inclusive education, competitive integrated employment, self-advocacy, policy, integrated community living, diversity, human rights).

Andrea Ruppar University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Jennifer A. Kurth University of Kansas, USA
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