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Inclusive Education Through the Creative Arts in the Early Years

Inclusive Education Through the Creative Arts in the Early Years

First Edition
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Early Childhood Education

200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book offers an engaging exploration of artistic expression in early childhood education. Through a blend of theory, research, and practical insights, the authors demonstrate the positive impact of the arts on fostering inclusion in various settings. Delving into creative modes such as dance, drama, and music, the book emphasizes the broader significance of integrating creativity into inclusive practices. Rich with illustrative case studies, thought-provoking prompts, and effective strategies for encouraging artistic expression, it serves as a valuable resource for early childhood students seeking comprehensive support in their educational journey.
Introduction to Part 1
1. Towards inclusive pedagogy and practice in the early years
2. Diversity and inclusion in the early years
3. Creativity and arts in young children’s lives
Introduction to Part 2
4. Music as an inviting environment for connecting and belonging
5. Enhancing inclusion through movement and dance
6. Stepping into many worlds through dramatic play and drama
7. Creating and sharing stories in the early years
8. Exploring the world through the creative artistry of picture books
9. Seeing, feeling, and creating ‘future imaginaries’ within and through the visual arts
Introduction to Part 3
10. Creating accessible arts experiences through Universal Design for Learning
11. Caring, compassion and creativity: Reflecting on our professional narrative
12. Connecting the threads: The inclusive potential of the arts

Amanda Niland

Dr Amanda Niland (PhD) is a senior lecturer in early childhood at the University of Sydney and program director of the Master of Teaching Early Childhood. Amanda has extensive experience as an early childhood teacher, music specialist and early childhood intervention teacher. Her research interests are in the creative arts, particularly music and children’s literature, with a focus on their potential for supporting a positive sense of identity and belonging for all children. Amanda has published more than 30 peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters and monographs, and is an editorial committee member for the International Journal of... More About Author

Laura Huhtinen-Hildén

Dr. Laura Huhtinen-Hildén (Ph.D. MMus) is a principal lecturer and researcher at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences  (music education & creativity, arts, health and wellbeing) and head of the Master’s degree programme Creativity and Arts in Social and Health fields. She also leads the Cultural Wellbeing, Research and Education Centre (CuWeRE) in Finland. Laura developed and served as chair for the BA programme in Early Childhood Music Education and Community Music (2007-2022). Her research interests include pedagogically sensitive music education, developing professional knowledge and narrative as well as advancing well... More About Author

Kathy Cologon

Dr Kathy Cologon (PhD) is Principal Consultant at Toward Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Inclusive Education at Macquarie University, Sydney. Kathy is privileged to work with children, families, educators, allied professionals, services, and organisations. Driven by a belief in the value of human beings in all our wonderful diversities and recognition of the important implications for the early years and beyond, Kathy seeks to contribute to increasing knowledge and understanding to support opportunities for all people to flourish as valued community members. This requires... More About Author