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Improving People's Lives

Improving People's Lives
Lessons in Empowerment from Asia

First Edition
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August 2003 | 220 pages | SAGE India
This volume documents powerful lessons in empowerment drawn from the varied experiences of four Asian NGOs. Besides presenting a diverse range of approaches to people’s development, they also describe new trends among NGOs working with marginalised groups in Asia. The contributions are personal accounts written by people intimately involved in the working of the four NGOs. They describe how each organisation has evolved its own unique programme of empowerment in an effort to deal with a range of problems confronting the poor.
Colin Ball
Mukul Sharma
Ali Dastgeer
The Rural Support Programme: Empowering the Rural Poor in Pakistan
Siti Hawa Ali
The Women's Centre for Change, Penang: Empowering the Women of Malaysia
Muthuvadivoo Sinnathamby
The Satyodaya Centre: Empowering Tamil Estate Workers in Sri Lanka
Gregory Placid
The Experience of Sahayi: pacity-Building for Sustainable Development
Mukul Sharma

Mukul Sharma

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ISBN: 9780761996033